Achieving Flow and Delivering Continuously: A Marketer's Introduction to Kanban

By: Andrea Fryrear

When you take your first step on your agile journey, things are pretty exciting. You pull off that first sticky note or write your first user story, and the world is your oyster. There's nothing you can't do, no work your team can't accomplish. Agile marketing will be yours, and it will be amazing. Read More

Is Social Listening Making Focus Groups Obsolete?

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic

Focus groups used to be one of the bedrocks of marketing. The goal, of course, was to choose people who were as representative as possible of your customers to run them through a series of questions, simulations or exercises to get deep insight into your market and any new opportunities that might e… Read More

Agency Focused Exclusively on Nonprofits Paves New Marketing Path

By: Susan J. Campbell

How hard is it to limit your opportunities in the market to just those that match with your own passions? For one company, a focus on marketing is limited to the conscientious choice and they aim to stay in this arena. Marketers may suggest a broad approach can lead to better opportunities, but does… Read More

Vogue's Takedown of Bloggers Offers Valuable Marketing Lessons

By: Liz Gottbrecht

Beautiful new clothing lines aside, something much less glamorous emerged from 2016's fall fashion weeks in Milan and Paris: A war between bloggers and traditional media. Read More

Is the Traditional Marketing Agency on the Road to Die?

By: Susan J. Campbell

Is it possible that the current structure of the marketing agency is doomed for failure? The question is a loaded one as answering in the affirmative could lead you down a dark path, but objecting to the notion could potentially set you up for failure down the road. It's not easy to admit that chang… Read More

Scrumban for Marketing: One of the Best Kept Agile Secrets

By: Andrea Fryrear

According to Dr. W. Edwards Deming, the American engineer, statistician, professor, author, lecturer, and management consultant, 94% of business problems are derived from processes, not the people who work within those processes. When you're locked in a never ending discussion with a coworker who ju… Read More

Is Agile Always Worth it?

By: Andrea Fryrear

While I dearly love all things Agile, I have had several reminders lately that this approach isn't always the best way to get things done. Particularly in a marketing context, there are times when sticking with the status quo will serve your team better than taking the Agile path. Read More

How Do You Measure Pay-for-Performance in Influencer Marketing?

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic

Traditionally, paying agencies for marketing and advertising has been a pretty straightforward process when it comes to pay-for-performance. Placing an ad? Pay for the impressions you get. Social media marketing? Pay for the likes, responses or shares. Content marketing? Pay for the subscribers. Wit… Read More

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