Marketing Aspects Even Seasoned Marketers Overlook

By: Drew Hendricks

Do all of these strategies require more upfront time, effort and in some cases money? Yes, but just like any part of your marketing strategy, focus on the end product and the ROI. Each of these five musts are vital to the success of your marketing strategy in varying degrees depending on your size a… Read More

Creating a Cross Functional Agile Marketing Team

By: Andrea Fryrear

More and more marketing teams are coming around to the idea that an agile approach offers both a competitive advantage and a better day in the life of the average marketer. The process of moving from traditional approaches to agile iterations, however, can trip up many marketers. We often hear that … Read More

How Revenue Marketers Rock Big Data: B2B Learning from B2C

By: Special Guest

We are swimming in a deep ocean of customer data and analytics. Many B-to-B marketers struggle to create actionable insights from these piles of information to anticipate, predict and prepare for the future. The CMO Council released a survey wherein only 5 percent of marketers say they have mastered… Read More

Walled Gardens Have New Doors for Advertisers

By: Special Guest

Consumers are increasingly moving away from public social networks to private ones, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and others, in search of more privacy. For many online advertisers, their audiences' rush to private social networks has been frustrating because private networks operate within so-called … Read More

Don't Ghost on Your Holiday Marketing Responsibilities

By: Alicia Young

Do you smell all the pumpkin spice in the air? You should, stores have been selling all that merchandise since August. Before you know it, pumpkins will change to holly because, let's face it, stores love to push the big holidays months in advance-Kohls already has Christmas decorations out! So, mar… Read More

There is No Methodology: Lessons for Finding the Right Agile Marketing Approach

By: Andrea Fryrear

Ultimately, we need to find the framework that supports agility for our team. Methodology becomes meaningless, because we're constantly iterating on our process until we find the best version for our current team. Read More

Achieving Flow and Delivering Continuously: A Marketer's Introduction to Kanban

By: Andrea Fryrear

When you take your first step on your agile journey, things are pretty exciting. You pull off that first sticky note or write your first user story, and the world is your oyster. There's nothing you can't do, no work your team can't accomplish. Agile marketing will be yours, and it will be amazing. Read More

Is Social Listening Making Focus Groups Obsolete?

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic

Focus groups used to be one of the bedrocks of marketing. The goal, of course, was to choose people who were as representative as possible of your customers to run them through a series of questions, simulations or exercises to get deep insight into your market and any new opportunities that might e… Read More

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