Intel Aims for Gold with #PhelpsFace

By: Maurice Nagle

The spots featuring Phelps will go to air next week, and are sure to be attention grabbing. Leveraging the viral nature of #PhelpsFace is genius. In technology, the need for speed is very real and what way to illustrate a high-performing technology is more effective than with the greatest Olympian w… Read More

Out with the Fake: Brands Learning to Embrace Natural Beauty & Curves

By: Stefania Viscusi

Maybe it's the Internet and all the tools available at our fingertips now, or the fact that we're more informed consumers today - or maybe it's that the millennial generation is now the largest demographic out there. Something has changed in how we shop and what we accept when it comes to marketing … Read More

New Marketing VP Takes Patagonia's Branding to Next Level

By: Alicia Young

Patagonia has a new Vice President of Marketing, and he's gung-ho about taking the company's branding and marketing to the next level. Cory Bayers, a longtime Lululemon brand vet who most recently served as VP of global brand creative, has been named to the position, and he is more than ready to tak… Read More

Commercial Space Flight Industry Sheds Sci-Fi Image

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic

How do you take an old brand and make it relevant again? Some companies have struggled mightily with this task: consider Cadillac, which has been fighting for years (with mixed success) to rid potential customers of the mental image of Grandpa driving in the slow lane. Read More

When Marketers Rebrand: Direct Marketing Association Makes a Change

By: Steve Anderson

Sometimes even marketers can benefit from rebranding. Changes in the field or overall course of an agency's efforts can make such a move worthwhile, and it's one that can have pronounced effects on a marketer's overall course of action. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) recently took advantage … Read More

How Marketing Automation Can Help Franchisees

By: Paula Bernier

Think globally, act locally has become a well-known saying that encourages people to consider their own environments and how to interact with them as part of a larger effort to make the world a better place. The same strategy makes sense as national brands and marketers aims to create closer bonds w… Read More

Reduce Branding Mistakes with Better Consistency and Targeting

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic

In a crowded marketplace with a nearly unending number of channels through which to communicate with customers, branding is becoming a bigger challenge than ever. There are few companies that can honestly say they've never made a mistake with their brand - even the ones with a reputation for getting… Read More

Embrace Psychology for Successful Marketing Branding

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic

The most successful marketers today know that there's more than a little psychology behind a successful marketing program. The same techniques that help people put their lives in order to feel happy, safe and prosperous can be applied to helping customers feel confident and happy about a brand. Read More

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