Is Your Company Giving Away Customer Loyalty?

By: Brooke Neuman

Customer loyalty is something that every business owner knows is extremely important to the longevity and profitability of their organization. After all, numerous studies have shown that loyal customers not only spread the word about their favorite businesses, but they also spend more with those sai… Read More

Cam Newton Knows, 'It Comes From Below'

By: Maurice Nagle

During his rookie campaign, Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson was readily asked what he attributed his high-performance to. Wilson, like a broken record, gave the same response to each interviewer, "Separation is in the preparation." Professional athletes rise long before the sun, and over… Read More

Marijuana Distributor Expanding Branding Effort

By: Andrew Bindelglass

While marijuana has been illegal in the United States for decades, all signs point to a widespread legalization in the country in the near future. Many states have already begun rolling back restrictions on the drug as a medical tool, and several states, Colorado, Alaska and Washington have made it … Read More

Is Every Celebrity Brand Better with a Bag of Weed?

By: Steve Anderson

Not so long ago, Family Guy-long known for being a bastion of unconventional and often crude humor-treated us to the concept, in song, that everything is "...better with a bag of weed." Though in many places it's still illegal, despite many efforts to address that point, celebrities are increasingly… Read More

Public Relations Market to Grow Through Year 2020

By: Casey Houser

The public relations (PR) side of any business concerns itself with building brand awareness to assist with sales and boost revenue. It is a necessary mix-in with sales and marketing teams. Therefore, it is unsurprising that a recent market study has predicted growth for the global PR services marke… Read More

Keeping Up with Branding During Kim's Social Media Silence

By: Alicia Young

Whether you're a fan or not, you've likely heard about the latest Kardashian drama. Kim Kardashian was recently robbed while staying in Paris, tied to a chair and held at gunpoint. Some of the biggest questions plaguing this investigation include "How did the robbers get through security?" and "How … Read More

Delaware Tourism Branding Effort Proves Impact of a Brand

By: Steve Anderson

Back in the early 1990s, when Saturday Night Live started its flood of sketch-related movies, "Wayne's World" was one of the first, and some might say best. While enjoying a bluescreen's effects, protagonists Wayne and Garth proceeded to travel the world without leaving the studio, until they arrive… Read More

Intel Aims for Gold with #PhelpsFace

By: Maurice Nagle

The spots featuring Phelps will go to air next week, and are sure to be attention grabbing. Leveraging the viral nature of #PhelpsFace is genius. In technology, the need for speed is very real and what way to illustrate a high-performing technology is more effective than with the greatest Olympian w… Read More

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