03/30/2017: Marketers Get Creative During March Madness
03/20/2017: Astro Creates Email App for Marketers
03/16/2017: Conversion Logic Helping Marketers with Cross-Channel Conversion
03/15/2017: Media Giants Forge Partnership to Boost Digital Presence
03/14/2017: Pinterest Brings Photo Search Tool to Android and iOS
03/13/2017: Amazon Marketing to Spanish Language Speakers
03/08/2017: Facebook Launches Advanced Measurement for Marketers
02/21/2017: Survey: Marketers Missing on Loyalty Programs
02/15/2017: Salesforce Brings AI to Marketing Platform
02/10/2017: Hootsuite Adds Paid Marketing Content
02/07/2017: Bank Marketer Creates Facebook Messenger Chatbot
02/06/2017: Marketers Create Rewards App for California Pizza Kitchen
01/31/2017: Ve Interactive Releases Platform for Marketers
01/26/2017: Marketing Analytics Provider Closes Seed Funding
01/23/2017: Marketers Should Leverage SMS Chatbots
01/20/2017: Return Path Adds Alerts for Marketers
01/19/2017: Theatro Unveils Voice Controlled Wearable
01/19/2017: Alibaba Signs Marketing Deal for Olympics
01/17/2017: Getty Hires New Chief Marketing Officer
01/13/2017: Marketing Analytics Provider Raises 0.75 Million Dollars
01/12/2017: Marketing Analytics Provider Raises $0.75 Million
01/06/2017: Websites a Focus for Marketers in 2017
01/03/2017: Formula 1 Seeks to Strengthen Marketing Presence
12/29/2016: HGA Hires Director of Marketing
12/28/2016: Ronda Rousey's Marketing Presence Remains Strong
12/27/2016: Realty Groups Partner for Digital Marketing Platform
12/27/2016: Marshall University Launches New Marketing Campaign
12/20/2016: PepsiCo Extends Marketing Deal with Cowboys
12/15/2016: Artificial Intelligence to be Marketing's Future
12/15/2016: Marketing Emails Read More During Holidays
12/14/2016: Coca-Cola Hires Chief Digital Marketing Officer
12/14/2016: IKEA Starting New Marketing Campaign
12/14/2016: Former YouTube Marketing Chief Hired at Guardian
12/13/2016: Foodpanda Hires New Marketing Director
12/13/2016: PrizeLogic Launches Mobile Marketing Solution
12/09/2016: MLB Signs with New Uniform Marketers
12/09/2016: Monster's Marketing Deal With Tiger Woods Multi-Year
12/06/2016: GROUP360 Expands Marketing Presence, Rebrands
12/06/2016: Automating Email Marketing
12/05/2016: Pella Corporation Signs Chief Marketing Officer
12/02/2016: Buzzfeed Losing Chief Marketing Officer
12/02/2016: Cognizant Acquiring Digital Marketing Agency
12/01/2016: Canadian Olympic Committee Signs New Marketing Agency
12/01/2016: Green Marketing Company Expands Roster
11/30/2016: Marketers Notice Cart Abandonment on Black Friday
11/29/2016: Papa John's and Pepsi Partner for Super Bowl Campaign
11/29/2016: Leveraging the Connected Car
11/28/2016: Marketing with Pokemon Go
11/23/2016: DePaul Basketball Arena Receives New Name
11/23/2016: Motorsports Marketing Firm Gearing Up for 2017
11/22/2016: SeanieMac to Sponsor MMA Fighter
11/22/2016: Former Relativity Sports Execs Launch New Global Sports Agency
11/22/2016: MMA to Discuss Full Customer Attribution
11/18/2016: New App to Attract More Students to Campus Events
11/17/2016: Marketers Take Note: Tech at Top of Holiday Wish Lists
11/16/2016: Facebook Creates Greater Marketing Transparency
11/15/2016: Ciceron Leveraging Artificial Intelligence for Marketing
11/14/2016: Travel Brands Struggle with Email Marketing
11/14/2016: AdHark Reaches Large Milestone
11/11/2016: Marketing Budgets Continuing to Grow
11/11/2016: Students Advertise for Acura
11/08/2016: Energy Drink Carabao Wins EFL Cup Naming Rights
11/08/2016: Email Key for Black Friday
11/07/2016: Bazaarvoice Partners with Influenster
11/07/2016: Nebraska Receives Award for Website
11/02/2016: IBM Purchases Automated Shopping Assistant
11/02/2016: Qubit Leverages Machine Learning for Data Driven Marketing
10/31/2016: Monster Creates New Employer Branding Solution
10/31/2016: Food Chains Worried by Lagging NFL Ratings
10/28/2016: Focus on Agile Marketing in Upcoming Year
10/28/2016: Good and Bad News for Twitter in Q3
10/26/2016: Thuzio Launches Solutions for Influencer Marketing
10/26/2016: DataMentors Launches New Solution for Conquest Marketing
10/24/2016: Shaq Becomes Global Spokesperson for Krispy Kreme
10/24/2016: Bucks Give Fans Opportunity to Reserve Playoff Tickets Early
10/21/2016: Mattel Executive Discusses Barbie Rebrand
10/20/2016: B2C Content Marketing Still Falling Short
10/18/2016: Consumers Growing More Accepting of Marketing Emails
10/18/2016: Aprimo Brings Platform to Microsoft Azure
10/17/2016: Pandora Launches New Artist Marketing Platform
10/12/2016: Google Aims to Expand Influencer Marketing Presence
10/07/2016: Adestra Offers Best Practices for Digital Marketing
10/06/2016: Screenvision Enlarges Marketing Department
10/04/2016: Cision Recognized by G2 Crowd
10/04/2016: David and Goliath Hires New CMO
10/04/2016: Kilopass Names VP of Corporate Marketing
10/03/2016: John Hancock Names New CMO
09/30/2016: New Study Finds Best Practices for Cart Abandonment Follow Ups
09/30/2016: ProsperWorks Raises 24 Million in Series B Funding
09/29/2016: Walmart Mulling Partnership with FlipKart
09/28/2016: Jack Pan Steps Down as STX Marketing President
09/27/2016: College to Offer Fragrance Marketing Minor
09/27/2016: Walkbase Launches IoT Solution for Marketers
09/23/2016: Sports Marketing Company Leverages VR Technology
09/21/2016: Context Matters in Marketing
09/21/2016: New Twitter Rules Less Flexible Than Originally Thought
09/16/2016: High ROI Seen from Data Driven Marketing
09/16/2016: Marijuana Distributor Expanding Branding Effort
09/14/2016: Changes Coming to Twitter
09/13/2016: Sizmek Creates New Way to Release Personalized Content