Mad Marketer is an online resource for marketing professionals—targeting everyone from CMOs to marketing directors to creative agencies to copywriters. As a one-stop-shop for marketing tips and tricks, Mad Marketer is always open to submissions from guest contributors.

All writers must adhere to the following publishing guidelines:

  • Submissions should be between 400-800 words
  • All content must be original and properly attributed (including links). Plagiarism will not be tolerated.
  • Authors need to be able to provide a brief bio, picture and link to previously published work.
  • Take a risk: Mad Marketer is looking for content that is "outside the box" and submissions that provide unique and actionable tips and tricks have a greater chance of being accepted and published.
  • Please avoid "listicles," "how to" articles and overly promotional language
  • Articles should fall within one of the following categories but are not restricted to:

    • Use cases of successful marketing campaigns
    • Tips and tricks
    • Market research/trend reports
    • Prediction pieces

The Mad Marketer team will review all submissions and provide feedback to those pieces considered for publication. Our editorial team reserves the right to edit and select appropriate placement of content submissions.

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