Sizmek Creates New Way to Release Personalized Content

By: Andrew Bindelglass

Sizmek has long been known as a provider of time saving solutions for advertisers and marketers. Yesterday, the software developer announced plans to continue building in that direction with the release of the Sizmek Programmatic Creative solution, which is aimed at advertisers, marketers, and media… Read More


By: Steve Anderson

It's become increasingly clear in recent months that content marketing is a great way to go about promoting products and services. Why? Because people have a tendency to seek out content, which is a lot more than they'll do for advertising, which is commonly either ignored or endured. So figuring ou… Read More

Is VR Marketing Right For Your Industry? Ask IT

By: Alicia Young

It's no secret that the virtual reality (VR) market is up and coming. It's already being used recreationally by people wanting to play games, and even in the health field to help mentally transport patients away from their hospital rooms. The possibilities are endless, and the technology opens up a … Read More

Context Matters in Marketing

By: Andrew Bindelglass

The move of the entire world in a more digitally oriented direction has altered all facets of life. As lifestyles change so too must marketing approaches. Content marketers need to understand that the content they create is only one of the factors that can influence consumers. The context in which t… Read More

Content Marketing Supports the Software-as-a-Service Sales Funnel

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic

Go looking for information about effective content marketing, and you'll find it. A lot of it. The problem is, the advice is probably strongly tailored to a specific industry. What works to sell cosmetics isn't going to work to sell building supplies. Different demographics of people absorb marketin… Read More

Louise Delage: Instagram Star, Traveler, Marketing Genius

By: Alicia Young

Louise Delage has quickly become an Instagram sensation. Chances are, you've likely seen some of her posts on Instagram's explore page. I, for one, have liked a few of her photos here and there that I came across while randomly scrolling through the app. What's more interesting than Delage's seeming… Read More

Why You Should Integrate Live Streaming Video into Your Marketing Efforts

By: Susan J. Campbell

It's hard not to click on the link when you're scrolling through Facebook or your favorite newsfeed. The title is catching your attention and there's an opportunity for access to live streaming video - what could more appealing to start your day? We're all doing it, consuming a considerable amount o… Read More

Content Marketing: Do It Yourself or Outsource It Out?

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic

Most companies, from the smallest to the largest, are aware of the potential for content marketing today. Asking what the "right" way to do it is a bit like asking how long a string is: the answer will be different depending on the company's industry, its target audience, or its goals. Tackling cont… Read More

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