Don't Let the Dog Days of Summer Slow Down Your Marketing Plans

By: Brooke Neuman

For most, the summer months are filled with long vacations to the beach, activities at the pool, and weekend BBQs. For marketers, however, the summer is spent in the office mulling over new, innovative ways to spread brand awareness and drive revenue. Read More

Leanne Fremar Swaps Sports for Coffee in New Role

By: Alicia Young

Under Armour has run a series of successful campaigns over the past few years. Last year, the "I Will What I Want" series of advertisements, featuring athletes like Lindsey Vonn and Misty Copeland, garnered success because they showed women overcoming obstacles to achieve greatness. One of the creat… Read More

Marrying Data and Creativity Key to Marketing Success

By: Andrew Bindelglass

More and more, the marketing world tends to gravitate toward big data. The Internet has given us access to far more data points than ever before, and powerful analytics tools have allowed us to pull valuable insights from said data and use it to inform marketing campaigns. Read More

New Nike Ad Features 'Unlimited' Female Athletes

By: Andrew Bindelglass

With the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio in the rear view, Nike released the latest installment in its "Unlimited" campaign, a spinoff of the famous Nike catchphrase, "Just Do It." These ads have showcased the hard work and training that has gone into putting Nike's athletes among the best in the world,… Read More

Make Halloween Business Yours for the Taking

By: Steve Anderson

We all know the story of the fuzzy green misanthrope the Grinch, who one night decided that Christmas was way too much noise and commercialism, so after dressing up his dog as an ersatz reindeer and himself as Santa Claus, he set out to seize the holiday and toss it off the side of the highest mount… Read More

Men, Diversity Become New Focus as Beauty Industry Searches for 'Next Big Thing'

By: Stefania Viscusi

The beauty industry has been around for many, many years, earning top dollars from women who want to feel beautiful and enhance their features. Whether you're talking about a market that is concerned with age spots and concealing imperfections on their skin - or one that's got to have a 'beat face' … Read More

Brooklyn Building to 'Linsanity' 2.0?

By: Maurice Nagle

It would be na├»ve to think Jeremy Lin has enough magic up his sleeve to the recreate his viral success, but it is optimistic to think that the cast of characters on the Nets' roster is talented enough to resurrect the fan base. And, bring back the same fervor from when the team transferred. He was a… Read More

Marketers Need to Never Forget 9/11

By: Maurice Nagle

Marketers, I offer this somber introduction because it is more than deserved. All too often in life do people turn calamity into comedy; while there is a fine line between hysterical and "too far," certain things always fall into the "too far" category. Read More

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