A Framework for Creative Prevents "Too Many Cooks" Syndrome
It helps to establish a creative workflow process so you can't be blindsided at the last minute by rogue elements. While there are those who will always be tempted to jump the process and weigh in with opinions that aren't wanted when they're least w…


Technology Boosts, But Can't Replace, the Creative Element
The creative process can be frustrating to manage. You can't rush it, quantify it easily or replace it with software. You can, however, use technology to nurture it, collaborate it and realize it.


Mastering the Art of Instagram Press Releases
A couple of years ago, people thought of press releases as 400-word or more articles that were sent to newsrooms and circulated all over the Internet. Since then, things have evolved and trends have shifted. The emergence and eventual rise of visual …


Achieve User Engagement with Interactive Content Tools
User engagement is easiest achieved through interactive content, which is why the focus of content marketing has been pointing more and more towards interactive strategies and tools. Consumers worldwide now look for more memorable, personalized exper…


Email Marketing Tips to Give Your Business a Boost
What is email marketing? Is it simply sending across push messages to your buyers and potential customers to remind them of the holiday discounts? Is it about filling up their inbox with spam mails conveying that it is time for them to shop? What is …


Ways Marketing Automation Tools Boost Sales
Marketing automation tools boost sales. This is backed by research which shows that 80 percent of businesses that adopt these systems into their marketing strategies have increased leads and conversions.


Use Creative Content Marketing to Tell Your Audience a Story
Consumers like to connect emotionally with brands, and providing them with fellow human beings to connect with via creative content marketing can resonate far better than a list of supposed benefits or a generic collection of photos.


Creative Content in Ridesharing Services is New Frontier
The goal of these ridesharing advertising systems is to share useful and creative content as well as advertising with passengers while they are in mid-trip.


Anti-smoking Group Turns to Social Branding for Millennials
Rescue believes that another approach is necessary: one that provides young people with information that is layered together with their beliefs, values and social identity, in the same way cigarette companies once did.


Ensure a Better Christmas Using Video Marketing
Christmas-specific video marketing can mean some extra value under the tree for brands.


Let Data Drive Marketing Instead of Marketing Driving Data
In years past, marketing campaigns were a bit like gambling. Creative ideas were put forth in a vacuum of real information about how they would turn out, and data on the success or failure of the campaign would follow. Marketers would adjust accordin…


Blurred Lines Between Creativity and Analytics in Marketing
Once upon a time, marketing professionals had two distinct roles. There were the creative people who came up with campaigns, and there were the analytical people whose job it was to calculate the results of those campaigns and determine where to focu…


How 'Baby Bags' Are Saving Public School Districts
Public schools are often overcrowded, with some teachers even having 30 or so kids in their classrooms. In that kind of a situation, it's impossible to give every single child the attention they need to learn and grow, which can sometimes lead to kid…


Can You Catch'em All With AR Marketing?
Just when you thought it was gone for good, Pokemon Go is back in the headlines, this time in terms of future marketing opportunities. Pokemon Go has raised the question of whether augmented reality (AR) has finally entered the mainstream. If so, AR …


Altered Reality: A Gimmick or a Viable Marketing Channel?
Virtual reality and augmented reality have been and continue to be game-changing (quite literally) technologies for the entertainment industry. Video games are increasingly relying on both concepts to help players feel more "inside the game," and aug…


Rogue One Marketing Light Years Ahead of Force Awakens
"Star Wars: The Force Awakens" was a massive hit in the box office last December. The movie called to all generations; parents who saw the original trilogy in theaters were overjoyed to revisit the franchise and even share the experience with their k…


Marketers Need to Never Forget 9/11
Marketers, I offer this somber introduction because it is more than deserved. All too often in life do people turn calamity into comedy; while there is a fine line between hysterical and "too far," certain things always fall into the "too far" catego…


Brooklyn Building to 'Linsanity' 2.0?
It would be na├»ve to think Jeremy Lin has enough magic up his sleeve to the recreate his viral success, but it is optimistic to think that the cast of characters on the Nets' roster is talented enough to resurrect the fan base. And, bring back the sa…


Men, Diversity Become New Focus as Beauty Industry Searches for 'Next Big Thing'
The beauty industry has been around for many, many years, earning top dollars from women who want to feel beautiful and enhance their features. Whether you're talking about a market that is concerned with age spots and concealing imperfections on the…


Make Halloween Business Yours for the Taking
We all know the story of the fuzzy green misanthrope the Grinch, who one night decided that Christmas was way too much noise and commercialism, so after dressing up his dog as an ersatz reindeer and himself as Santa Claus, he set out to seize the hol…