Prepare for Your Holiday Email Marketing

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic

While marketers have likely been preparing for the holiday season all year, the time has arrived to begin deploying their campaigns. Email marketing still plays a strong role in holiday sales: with new customers browsing for gifts, it's a good time to "catch" these people who might not ordinarily vi… Read More

Want to Get Small Business Insurance Trade? It's All in the Marketing.

By: Steve Anderson

Getting small business' insurance trade can be as simple as digital marketing, distribution. Read More

Nespresso Runs Successful O2O Campaign in Hong Kong

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic

Analytics technology was used in marketing to target the right buying audience, and the mobile platform provided location-based services (LBS) targeting and enabled the production of interactive creative that resulted in a significant increase in audience engagement. Read More

altocloud and Analytics Enhance Digital Engagement

By: Maurice Nagle

As marketers embark in today's omnichannel world, it is integral to implement solutions that enable improved insight into customer behavior. Read More

Flying Blind: Indicators that the Lack of Analytics Hurts Your Channel Sales Team

By: Special Guest

In the channel sales space this is a complicated question because so many factors can drive the success or failure of your local partner program. If your channel sales team doesn't have insight into what their partners are doing, they might be flying blind. Here are three indicators that you need be… Read More

Swrve Sets Stage for Digital Marketing Success

By: Maurice Nagle

Swrve provides mobile digital marketing services that offer a firm the ability to personalize communications and improve engagement. Read More

How and Why You Should Focus on Speed for Your WordPress Site

By: Special Guest

Our current digital age has brought with it a huge focus on speed. People and consumers surfing the Internet expect things to be delivered faster than ever before. While website speed isn't something we can see or touch, it is more important than ever. Read More

Digital Marketing Trends for 2017

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic

Today, digital marketing is one of the fastest-moving business processes there is. Channels' popularity waxes and wanes, new social media and content sites pop up, leaving the old ones behind, and customers' fondness for certain apps rises and falls. Read More

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