Marketers Get Creative During March Madness

By: Andrew Bindelglass

NCAA licensing laws have forced marketers to get creative with March Madness campaigns. Read More

March Madness Meant for Location-Based Marketing

By: Maurice Nagle

Sixgill, an IoT software firm, is rejuvenating marketers with its exceptional solutions, which gather data from location-based sensors to send relevant alerts and offers to mobile phones. Recent statistics from Pew Research highlight that nine of 10 smartphone owners in the United States utilize the… Read More

Efficiency Jump Prompts Workfront's Lion Award

By: Steve Anderson

Workfront offered a Lion Award to Kids II after it used Workfront tools to improve efficiency by 50 percent organization-wide. Read More

Is Your Marketing Effective?

By: Maurice Nagle

Recent research from FreshBooks delved into how independent professionals underutilize some of the most effective marketing approaches available. This is quite the quandary, as self employed and small business owners possess limited resources, making marketing decisions mission critical. Read More

Workfront Says Your Work Matters

By: Maurice Nagle

At Workfront's Leap, Workfront CMO opened the day's keynotes with an entertaining look at work. Mind you, the companies utilizing Workfront are some of the most forward thinking companies in the world. And for his presentation, Staples popped in, or as he put it, "cornered," some knowledge workers t… Read More

Smart Work Habits Drive Employee Happiness

By: Maurice Nagle

"If you're so smart, why aren't you happy?" This is a very valid question and the title of Raj Raghunathan's most recent book. The University of Texas at Austin Professor joined the festivus of Workfront's Leap, presenting the breakout session "Work Smarter - Not Harder - To Greater Positivity and S… Read More

Lencioni Leads Leap Keynote on Building a Dream Team

By: Maurice Nagle

One of the keynote speakers from Leap, Founder & CEO of The Table Group and accomplished author Patrick Lencioni, illustrated to attendees how to identify and attract ideal team players to their organizations. Lencioni brings his years of managerial experience to the fore, to share the core values t… Read More

United Airlines Lives In Values Fantasyland

By: Special Guest

By now everyone knows what United Airlines did last week. But most people don't know why. There's been a lot of talk on algorithms and over-booking, but the real reason is plain and simple. United's CEO lives in values fantasyland. Read More

LA LGBT Center Uses Trump Presidency to Boost Awareness

By: Alicia Young

The L.A. LGBT Center launched a new digital campaign in January called F*uck Without Fear, which is supposed to promote the use of PrEP (pre-exposure prophlaxis). PrEP is designed for people who are at risk of HIV, but don't yet have it. Read More

NeuLion ACE Analytics Provides Valuable Customer Insights

By: Alicia Young

NeuLion has launched its newly developed technology service, NeuLion ACE Analytics, to provide marketers with valuable customer insights. Read More

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