Lingotek Helps Demonstrate Value of Polyglot Content

By: Steve Anderson

The new business intelligence app from Lingotek offers a set of analytics to focus on multilingual content delivery, and several factors stemming from that content. Read More

Astro Creates Email App for Marketers

By: Andrew Bindelglass

Astro has raised 8.3 million dollars for an email app for marketers driven by artificial intelligence. Read More

Kitewheel Powers Omnichannel Solution in New Partnership

By: Alicia Young

SG360° has partnered with Kitewheel to power its omnichannel marketing offering that's meant to create more productive customer journeys. Read More

Marketing May Need to Reconsider Advertising

By: Steve Anderson

A new study finds there may be increasing trust for advertising out there, a development that reverses a lot of previously-held marketing beliefs. Read More

Waze + Dunkin Donuts: A Match Made in Heaven for This New England Girl

By: Stefania Viscusi

I'm a New Englander in every sense of the word. Thanks to countless reminders from the online world, I now admit to the indulgences unique to my region. We've all seen it before, the "starter pack" meme jesting at the girl with leggings, UGGs and an iced coffee (caw-fe) in hand. So now you can imagi… Read More

Gonzaga Hopes to Score with Content Marketing

By: Paula Bernier

Gonzaga University has seen record traffic to its website in light of its March Madness success. So the company is using content marketing to attract potential new students and scholarship donors. Read More

NCAA Championship Pits Under Armour Against Nike

By: Alicia Young

As fans prepare to watch their favorite teams battle it out during the Final Four, they'll also be seeing a marketing war between Under Armour and Nike unfold. Read More

Marketers Get Creative During March Madness

By: Andrew Bindelglass

NCAA licensing laws have forced marketers to get creative with March Madness campaigns. Read More

March Madness Meant for Location-Based Marketing

By: Maurice Nagle

Sixgill, an IoT software firm, is rejuvenating marketers with its exceptional solutions, which gather data from location-based sensors to send relevant alerts and offers to mobile phones. Recent statistics from Pew Research highlight that nine of 10 smartphone owners in the United States utilize the… Read More

Efficiency Jump Prompts Workfront's Lion Award

By: Steve Anderson

Workfront offered a Lion Award to Kids II after it used Workfront tools to improve efficiency by 50 percent organization-wide. Read More

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