AT&T and Time Warner Overseer Comes From Marketing

By: Steve Anderson

AT&T establishes its new head of the integration efforts between itself and Time Warner: head of marketing Lori Lee. Read More

Ronda Rousey's Marketing Presence Remains Strong

By: Andrew Bindelglass

Despite her long absence from UFC fighting, female star fighter Ronda Rousey remains a strong marketing presence for the sport. Read More

HGA Hires Director of Marketing

By: Andrew Bindelglass

HGA Architects and Engineers have hired Jennifer Haferbecker as its new director of marketing. Read More

Skipping Stone Hires New Director of Marketing

By: Alicia Young

Skipping Stone hires energy industry and marketing veteran as new director of marketing. Read More

Smoothie Franchisee Becomes King of Strategic Marketing

By: Alicia Young

Smoothie King franchisee surpasses revenue expectations thanks to smart marketing tactics. Read More

ACTIVE Network to Provide Event Marketing Technology for URun

By: Frank Griffin

In order to handle the technology, marketing and data insights for the 120 global events URun will be having, it has selected ACTIVE Network with a multiyear contract. Read More

Marketers Note: The Other Holiday Rush

By: Steve Anderson

It's four days after Christmas, and marketing and retail arms are bracing for the next holiday rush: returns and exchanges. Read More

'Pass it Forward' Means Youthful Marketing

By: Steve Anderson

While hockey is as close to Canada as baseball is to the United States, a little extra marketing never hurts. Canadian hockey is thus targeting the young. Read More

Masters of Marketing Degrees Ranked

By: Steve Anderson

Wondering where to get a Master's degree in marketing? A recent College Choice study fills us in. Read More

Formula 1 Seeks to Strengthen Marketing Presence

By: Andrew Bindelglass

Formula 1 racing is an incredibly popular sport internationally, but the auto racing league is seeking to increase its marketing presence in the United States as well. Read More

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