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April 11, 2017

Working under pressure is detrimental not only to your team’s efficiency but also to business in general. Every experienced business owner knows that building a high-performing team that will manage to translate their own work into good quality deliverables is a mandate if you want to achieve success.

Thankfully, there has been much research into how to empower teamwork and create a thriving working atmosphere where everyone can contribute without feeling overwhelmed.

This article highlights the ways how to optimize your team’s processes and create highly-functioning robust teams.

Encourage People to Share Their Ideas

Although you might be blessed with a group of professional team players who strive towards the same desired goals, this can prove to be useless if their individual strength and potential are undermined. A team of workers is like a small society where different personalities need to find the way to communicate and solve any issues that may come up.

While some of them are very influential, others seem not to be confident enough to share their own ideas and, thus, tend to keep a low profile. Make sure that every team member feels that they are contributing to the team’s productivity and that their insight and knowledge are respected. Let your employees lay out all their ideas and suggestions before any discussions. This will stimulate them and help them enjoy the teamwork.

Do Outsourcing If Necessary

As the work keeps piling up, your team might have to come up with various techniques on how to clear all the roadblocks to be able to finish their project masterfully. This can sometimes be a challenging task which can disrupt the team’s creativity and increase stress. Even the agilest digital-savvy teams sometimes need to outsource marketing activities because they either cannot handle it alone or they simply lack a necessary set of skills for a particular job. If you feel that your team is being pulled in different directions and that they are trying to tackle things they are unfamiliar with, help them by outsourcing some of their work to some outside companies.

Choose the Right Toolkit

A good task management is key to successful team organization. You don’t want your team to waste their time and energy on unnecessary tasks while they should be focusing on the project itself. To maximize your team’s productivity and optimize their strengths, you need to invest in the right technology and appropriate customer service and task management tools. Luckily, there is a huge selection of efficient graphic design project management apps that will help your team shy away from all the unpleasant or time-consuming tasks and set the stage for team productivity. However, keep in mind that the chosen toolkit needs to have the ability to empower teamwork and not to add to your team’s stress.

Let Your Team Make Important Decisions

According to a recent study, group collective intelligence exists separately from the individual intelligence and group’s success is highly dependent on its composition. While high I.Q. undoubtedly plays an important role, it turned out that it is not a determining factor.

Surprisingly, these groups have a high degree of social sensitivity where everybody has the authority to make critical decisions and where nobody’s voice is dominated. Instead of spending too much time on decision-making, delegate responsibilities to your team and show them that you appreciate all the effort they are putting into the project development. This will boost their confidence and allow them to show their true potential.

A positive working atmosphere where each employee focuses their efforts on producing best deliverables creates a highly-productive team. It helps individuals feel that they are an integral part of the team and makes them become more passionate and excited about the work. Optimizing your digital agency will not only upscale your employees’ efficiency, but it will also boost the team’s morale.

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Maja Mrsic is a professional content writer and editor at Active Collab. After finishing her Master’s Degree in english studies, she pursued a career in content and technical writing in digital marketing.

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