Use Naked Marketing to Expose Your Brand

April 06, 2017
By Special Guest
Adrienne Weissman, CMO, G2 Crowd

You have been waiting for this moment. This is your opportunity to showcase what you have been working on for so long. Not only do you have a strong product, but the marketing and sales strategy is sound. The future looks promising for your business.

Then, all of a sudden, your business solution is naked. The minor mistakes you worked so hard to correct have been exposed. The sales meeting you were eagerly anticipating has gone in a different direction than you expected.

This shouldn’t have come as a complete surprise. Prospects now know everything with verified-user reviews.

Salespeople and company websites are unable to convince most prospects, which is why so many turn to solution review websites in search of third-party validation. Before making a service or product purchase, the vast majority (85 percent) of tech buyers read as many as ten online reviews. More than 800,000 of these review-reading customers visit sites such as G2 Crowd every month. This information doesn’t need to cause panic. Marketers can look at this as a chance to build stronger customer relationships through naked marketing.

Here’s how you can expose your brand: 

Build a review strategy. Naked marketing requires your organization to have a review strategy. With a strategy, you will gain a better understanding of which features customers like, which features customers dislike and which could be improved. This is how companies can show a commitment to providing the best business solution possible.

Want more prospects? You need more reviews. One way to incentivize your customers to write a review for your product or service is to offer a

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reward, whether that’s a gift card or a percentage off their next invoice.

Engage, Engage and Engage again. When it comes to improving your solution, five-star reviews aren’t necessarily the most valuable. While positive, these reviews lack important insights on how to make your solution better. Mediocre and poor reviews can be immensely helpful in pointing out ways to enhance your business solution.

It’s also essential to keep in mind that a series of negative reviews can make your company seem more genuine. Authenticity is the key to positioning your organization as a trustworthy brand. Most prospects would trust a service with 25 reviews, including a few that are less-than-ideal, over a service with only three five-star reviews. Odds are, if it looks too good to be true, it isn’t real.

Give the negative reviews your full attention. One of the keys to build a loyal, trusting customer base that comes back time and time again is to address problems as soon as they arise. The best way to respond to customer complaints is to respond to reviews. Dissatisfied customers deserve your immediate attention. Whether they require technical or sales support, it’s essential to follow-up right away to resolve issues that come up. This shows prospects that your organization is one that they can trust.

Embrace the transparency. The review process is all about establishing greater transparency. Professionals want to make the most informed buying decision because the products and services they use can up (or strip away) their professional credibility. It’s crucial to allow prospects to see the strengths and weaknesses of your service or product.

Track the takeaways. Information captured in customer reviews is valuable. Most of the time, companies have to send customer surveys to try and understand the strengths and weaknesses of their products. Those surveys yield low-engagement and don’t offer much in return for the customer. But reviews are equally beneficial, so don’t let this information go to waste. Your customers will thank you for hearing their voice and using this information to improve your product or service offering.

Naked marketing will help your prospects understand the true nature of your product or service. Eventually, they may even feel the need to write a positive review themselves; be sure to let this relationship grow. When you know what your customers expect, you can surpass their expectations, creating a strong group of brand advocates.

About the Author
Adrienne Weissman is the chief marketing officer at peer-to-peer business review platform G2 Crowd. Weissman has more than 15 years of sales and marketing experience in the tech space and plays a major role in fueling the company’s growth. Before serving as G2 Crowd’s CMO, Weissman functioned as LinkedIn’s former director of marketing solutions.

Edited by Alicia Young

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