Essentials for Putting on a Successful Live Niche Event

March 13, 2017

Carl Landau sits down with us to discuss how to pull off a live niche event as a publisher, event promoter, or association.

Landau has over 30 years in the niche magazine sector, is a successful event promoter, and has launched and sold five national niche magazines. In 2000, he started Camp Niche, an advertising sales training program that helps publishers, advertising directors, and representatives increase their sales. He also hosts the Super Niche conference that helps small-to-medium-sized companies target customers correctly, and the Niche Digital Conference, which helps publishers increase online revenue.

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Connecting with an Audience in an Entirely New Way

The digital age has influenced how companies connect with their audience. With live events, a person receives feedback instantly on how their event went. It is a new way to connect, and live events attract a larger audience because humans crave interaction.

Landau points out that there is plenty of work that goes into creating a live niche event, but there are certain aspects a publisher or promoter should start with to ensure success.

Essentials for a Successful Live Niche Event

  • A Viable Opportunity: There must be an opportunity to host a live event. Some markets have these opportunities, and it is important to exploit the vertical connection. There must be an interested audience, vendors and sponsors, and partnering associations.
  • Capping Attendance: Creating an exclusive environment starts by capping the attendance count. Landau points out that most of his events are stopped at 250 attendees.
  • Adequate Staffing: A successful event depends upon an experienced, robust staff. Smaller events can start with one or two key members, but eventually, a staff of highly trained professionals (still only three to four in total) will be required.
  • Leveraging the Power of Volunteers: Volunteers play a critical role in a successful event. They offer free labor, significant help setting up, taking registrations, and more.
  • Great Music and Creating the Environment: Landau points out that the conference should boost excitement at every turn. That means having great music that energizes the crowd and creates an ambiance of energy.
  • Keep it Casual: The event should be comfortable, and there is no reason for formal attire.
  • Price it Right: The event’s cost should be relative to what they would gain by attending. Looking at competitor rates can help guide better pricing models.
  • Right Speakers: The people who volunteer to speak are not always the best candidates; instead, carefully review and scrutinize speakers. Landau said the best ones are those who must be convinced to come to the event to talk.

While there are dozens of other components that go into creating an effective live niche event, these basics provided by Landau are the ideal jumping off point for those ready to promote their event. If you are prepared and take your time, you could easily pull off the event of the season.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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