Content Marketing Trends You Need to Know About in 2017

March 30, 2017
By Special Guest
Sophia Mixon, Content Writer

Content marketers are always keen to try new things to boost conversion rates and get maximum traffic to their websites and e-commerce sites. Here are some of the best content marketing trends that will prevail in 2017:

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a sort of content promotion activity that uses key pioneers to drive a brand’s message to the bigger market. As opposed to advertising straight to a huge audience, brands can motivate/procure/pay influencers to get out the word for them. Influencer marketing regularly runs as an inseparable unit with two different types of promotion – online networking advertising and content showcasing.

Most influencers have some kind of Web-based social networking strategy, whereby influencers are relied upon to get the message out through their own social channels. Numerous influencers likewise convey a content component in which it is possible that you make special content for them, or they make the content themselves. In spite of the fact that Web-based social networking and content marketing regularly fit inside influencer campaigns, they are not synonymous with influencer advertising.

Animated videos

One of the best ways online business have managed to attract visitors to their sites is through effective video advertising. This has turned out to be more critical for online businesses. As indicated by a survey from a top business magazine, more than 90 percent of the people said they discovered a particular product or service online through video advertising. And, there are several different ways to create a video for your business, from making a full-fledged traditional advertisement to a short, to the point, animated video. While the former has its own worth, the latter too has proven to become a marketing force to reckon with. Owing to its popularity, today you can find hundreds of animation studios and media companies offering high quality animated videos to attract customers. The best part is that, unlike a typical video ad, you can modify its focus to be on sharing knowledge, highlighting a feature or sharing just about anything.

 A research conducted by a UK based animation agency, Spiel Studios, showcased that about more than half of online businesses in London

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have moved over to animated studios to showcase their services and build greater engagement with their target audience.


With the continuous rise in use of this exceptional marketing tool, it is a great time for content marketers to include infographics in their advertising and promotional arrangement. Fusing this furnishes your content with an all the more engaging way to share pictures, illustrations and stats. The more engaging this data is to the people in general, the more probable they are to stop and read it. They will likewise help your content achieve a greater amount of visibility. If an individual thinks that it’s highly informational and compelling, they will probably pass it on to their companions, who will hopefully then pass it on to their companions. Thus, your content can become popular and benefit from being seen by a large number of potential clients.

Long form content

 Both brands and publications have observed that short-form articles are their key activity, while long-form content is regularly responsible for longer visits, brand building and reader dependability. Albeit long-form content doesn't keep guests on your site for as long as you'd think; time spent on an article tends to change depending on if the reader is a passer-by or intermittent guest. It bodes well, all things considered; if a bit of content motivates more on-page time, there are more open doors for that guest to recognize and recall where they are.

Email Marketing

 Email advertising strikes many people as being outdated. More trendy content promoting methods like online networking and mobile marketing have taken the limelight. A few people even attempt to disclose to you that email marketing is dead. However, with a solid content promoting approach, email has emerged as a more capable tool than ever, thanks to social media networking. Email gives you the most direct line of communication for converting visits into actual deals, which is the reason why even the savviest of content advertisers have no goal of surrendering it at any point in the near future. It is likewise a great cost saving tool. With a ROI of around 4,300 percent, email marketing is a fantastic method of content promotion.

Your subscribers need to know they can believe you and that you're not a cruel self-advancing spam-bot. Email marketing allows you to build better relationships. Great email content improves your relationship with your audience through powerful subject lines, your unmistakable voice, and by conveying quality, niche content that your audience needs and can even share with others.

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