Benefits of Blogging for Your Business

April 10, 2017
By Special Guest
Charlie Brown, Content Writer

Is blogging dead? Do you need a business blog when there are many other digital marketing strategies? These are questions most online marketers are asking today. In most cases, they are forced by the top office to prove that blogging is really necessary when resources can be utilized on other marketing tools.

Blogging still remains one of the most relevant marketing strategies any marketer can use today. In fact, a HubSpot Marketing Report says that B2B marketers who blog enjoy more leads. Better still, companies which blog receive 97 percent more links to their websites.

If you have been looking for a great way to promote your website, there are other reasons why you should use a blog. Here are some of the benefits your marketing campaign will enjoy if you launch a blog:

Positioning Your Brand

One of the toughest tasks for a marketer in the volatile online market is establishing a brand as an authority.  Every niche is highly competitive and there are so many changes in marketing strategies that you will find it hard to keep pace.

For instance, Facebook was the go-to social media network a few years ago, but today, if you don’t have an Instagram account, you are missing out. This is where blogging comes in; you work gradually to create relevant content and attract new readers.  With time, your target customers will come to your blog for quality content.  By building trust through a blog, it becomes easier to build a strong customer base.

Increased Traffic

Millions of websites are launched and indexed daily but, according to Google, less than 50 percent of these make any revenue. It all boils down

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to the strategy used to attract traffic. You can build a good looking website but, without a unique way to attract new customers, your business will not benefit.

Blogging helps boost traffic to your website because every post published is another indexed page on your website. Fresh content on your blog will rank high and attract relevant traffic to your site.  What’s more, it is now possible to integrate your blog with social media networks through the share button. When your posts are shared, more people will end up on your landing pages.

Increased Conversion

Without conversion, even high levels of traffic cannot save your website. Once a user is attracted, say, by your post on Facebook, they have still not converted and this is where your blog content plays a key role. The idea is to use quality content that will convert traffic into leads. This is done through relevant content and call to action (CTA) at the need of every post. This is a major step towards closing sales.

Build Customer Relations

Internet users always complain about poor experiences even on top brands’ websites. This is because they rarely get personal attention even when all facts indicate they should.  Through a blog, you have a chance to respond to individual queries, provide your company’s official take on events, clarify matters and give feedback on all other issues. Building customer loyalty is not easy, but with a blog it can be done by addressing matters when they arise.

Other reasons to invest in a blog include long-term results, building credibility, boosting your search engine result pages (SERPs) ranking, and giving your business a human side. 

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