Why You Really Need Content Marketing and Influencer Marketing

April 19, 2017

Lee Odden is CEO of TopRank Marketing, and in 2016 was recognized as a top ten influencer in digital and content marketing. He shares his thoughts on how content marketing and influencer marketing work together.

Content Marketing versus Influence Marketing

For content marketing, the goal is to get information out to a specific target audience; it is designed to make an impact on a focused outcome. Content marketing is intentional, measurable, and is directly tied to influencer marketing.  

Influencer marketing works by creating a connection between a well-known, famous person and the brand. The goal is that the famous person’s following, fans, or audience will also gravitate to the brand as a result.

This type of marketing is more than simply publicity; it goes beyond that to achieve marketing outcomes, new customer relationships, and objectives by brands that collaborate with influencers.

Marketing Benefits When Efforts Are Combined

People are inundated with data daily in the form of news, social media, and websites. As a result of this oversaturation, individuals are less likely to trust marketing attempts in the formal sense. Instead, consumers trust experts, friends, and people they know and are connected with in some way.

An influencer is someone authoritative, a person with a credible voice who an audience listens to, who produces content that is trusted. When marketers collaborate with influencers, they have access to this voice and this credibility.

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The benefits of co-creating with an influencer include authenticity, higher content quality, and the potential for greater reach. When efforts are combined, content becomes a byproduct; marketers can find real value in forming this type of relationship.

Where Marketers Can Start in Searching for an Influencer

  • Customers - who do they listen to?
  • Sales people - who is mentioned?
  • Customer service and executives in the company
  • Conference speakers and authors

When thinking about collaborating with an influencer, it’s important for marketers to examine their own personalities, their goals, the potential possibilities, as well as what this connection will do for the customers. How will an influencer connection help to differentiate the company?

Contemplate what influence is really about. Which individuals are influential? This is not just about individuals who are famous, but includes employees, influencers in a particular niche, customers, and those who are potential customers. A company must determine what it is it wants to be known for, and that will help drive the approach throughout the process. 

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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