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May 01, 2017
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Sujain Thomas, Community Contributor

For marketers, one thing is certain: maintaining high levels of productivity is almost as necessary as handling average daily tasks. If you are going to meet your goals at the end of the set period, you must be ready and willing to go out of your way in order to stay productive and steer clear of failed missions. If you have ever worked in the marketing industry, you might as well admit that doing this is not the easiest of things. However, there is good news for you. You don’t have to go it alone anymore. A plethora of productivity tools are available to make you stay productive and focused. Let’s consider some of the top options.


Sharing great content and ensuring your target clients are up to date with the latest trends is part of every marketer’s routine. If you have been in this realm long enough, you probably understand how confusing this can be. However, Buffer is here to help you carry out the content curation part. This app saves loads of time. By simply clicking preferred blog posts, Buffer will easily share the same for you. It can share various types of content across several social media sites with the click of a button. Most recently, this social scheduling and posting tool has adopted analytical features. What this means is that it can only get better. Even more resounding, you will be working with a company that is known for its outstanding levels of business transparency across the globe.


At some point, every marketing expert will have to invest in good graphic design. It is necessary for product promotion. Instead of spending so much money, you can simply create your own graphics to help you in your day-to-day marketing activities. You don’t have to be much endowed with graphic design skills in order to use this application. With Canva, every content marketer can become a designer. It is applicable in a wide range of areas including creating social media images and presentations.

By simply dropping and dragging images, you can create a professional layout without any hassle. This great tool not only increases your

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productivity but also comes with the potential of boosting your revenues. In essence, it keeps you out of trouble with financial institutions such as For you to succeed in the marketing realm, you must be able to produce quality, timely and relevant content. Canva helps you to achieve exactly that if not more.

Sprout Social

Several years back, social media engagement and posting wasn’t an integral part of marketing. Today, the two are inseparable. However, engaging people on social media isn’t just about posting what you feel is good. Marketers need to know how to go about social media and that is exactly where Sprout Social comes into play. This tool allows to you to automatically make social media posts only during certain times depending on the number of people online. It helps you achieve the ultimate goal of real-time marketing; publishing real-time updates as things unfold. For smaller businesses with limited capital, achieving that the normal way might not be easy. That is why Sprout Social is here to bail you out. It works perfectly well for weekend and night programs.


The Sococo tool represents a virtual office layout. It comes with a combination of several tasks marketing experts have to handle on a daily basis. This tool has instant messaging, video calling, status updates, and even click to talk. It doesn’t really matter whether you are spearheading the marketing of a small or large business. This essential tool will still sail you through, so stop what you are doing and check it out.


If you are in charge of marketing a large entity, most of your day will be full of activities. One of the things you will have to do is managing blogs and updating regular posts. CoSchedule comes in handy when managing blogs. This editorial calendar for blog management works perfectly well for most markets, especially guest bloggers. You will find it easier to manage your social media obligations and stick to essential tasks. Most importantly, you will be edging closer to your ultimate marketing goals with each passing day.


Look at the top priorities of every great marketing expert and you will find content marketing clearly featured. However, simply churning content without validation or insight is more of a risky business than walking in the dark. At the end of the day, it isn’t all about hitting the keyboard and getting lucky at some point. You need to source for great content that will not only entertain and engage your audience but also guarantee you great conversions. To avoid delivering gibbering content to the eagerly waiting audience, you need to go out of your way and carry out thorough research.

BuzzSomo makes the task even easier. It helps you analyze the right type of content which works for any topic. This great tool also gives you an insight of what works best for your top competitors. With such information, you can piggyback on their success. One of the features that make BuzzSomo a great application is its clean interface. The available features enable you to drill down the actual dates to when the content is featured. You can also narrow down content based on topics, for example interviews or infographics. There is also the additional backlink feature which you can easily use to check the sites linking back to different content found. With such information, you will have an easier time promoting your own content and developing critical relationships.


At the end of the day, every marketing expert wants to remain productive and achieve their goals. With the help of various productivity tools, you can make this less strenuous without necessarily paying an arm and a leg for it! Consider investing in these tools and see what a difference they will make to your marketing campaign!

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