The Future of Content Marketing: Interactive or Written?

May 23, 2017

Joe Pulizzi shared his opinions on what the future of content marketing holds. While he shared plenty of advice on proper workflow, optimizing content, and SEO, one important aspect he touched on was that of interactive content. Interactive content and written content are commonly used today, but which will be the most potent marketing tool in the future?

Pulizzi, who is considered the “Godfather” of content marketing and the CEO of the infamous Content Marketing Institute, believes both are important—but only when used correctly.

Consistency is Key Regardless of Content Format

No matter how a company delivers their content, if they are not consistent with their means of delivery, they will not see a real ROI on the investment.

Pulizzi pointed out the use of a video series, which is a popular form of marketing today. While a video series is great, uploading them to sites like YouTube is not effective if it is not done on a continual or predicted basis.

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In Pulizzi’s eyes, video and audio content are compelling, but if they are not consistent, they are virtually useless. There are plenty of forms of written content out there, and written content will always be the more popular. He also pointed out how Alexa and Siri search for information—they need written content on the web that they can search and present to users for answers.

Pick One, Do It Well, Then Diversify

While a mixture of content is great, Pulizzi recommends that in 2017, companies should choose one medium, focus on it, and perfect it. Then, they should work on creating content consistency. After they have built consistent content, they can expand to other mediums.

The Delivery Method Doesn’t Matter — It is the Content’s Message

While video, audio, and written content are all effective ways to advertise, if the message within that content is not compelling, the work put into the content will not pay off.

Pulizzi points out that great content is not about the company, product, or service. Instead, it is about offering a helpful, useful piece of content that helps the consumer solve a problem or address a pain point. Once the user has learned the information, they are more likely to order the product or service from the company offering free advice.

Also, with more customers using mobile devices, companies should focus their efforts on creating content that looks great on a computer just as much as it does on a cell phone.

For a daily dose of the Godfather’s wisdom on content marketing, be sure to check out the Content Marketing Institute website.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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