Men, Diversity Become New Focus as Beauty Industry Searches for 'Next Big Thing'

September 02, 2016

The beauty industry has been around for many, many years, earning top dollars from women who want to feel beautiful and enhance their features. Whether you’re talking about a market that is concerned with age spots and concealing imperfections on their skin – or one that’s got to have a ‘beat face’ that’s ‘highlighted to the gods’ (aka full coverage makeup application mostly learned via modern social media influencers) behind all of this craze is a product pool of new offerings that’s bursting at its seams.

This new cross-section between beauty brands and social media influencers has created a craze (both good and bad) and turned it into a lucrative business for so many brands. But where do we go next when every brand and its cousin has released “the best” matte lipstick or highlighter you can find. How do you progress to keep customers wanting more?


Things like catering to a wider range of skin complexions and expanding offerings for varying age groups has been one tactic. The latest move is pushing buttons to embrace diversity and acceptance even for the male-based market.

Yes. Men can wear makeup too. And many already are – and doing it well. As culture shifts and we break down sexism’s walls, brands that pay

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attention will win.

L’Oréal is arguably one of the top brands in the beauty industry. It’s a company that’s been established for a long time – and not one of the trendy new brands still making its name in the market. It’s made a smart move listening to the market’s need to include a man in its campaign.

This is the first time a man will be featured for the company’s cosmetics ad which includes the campaign phrase ‘celebrate diversity’ and it already has people talking.

Other updated campaign taglines have been modified to further celebrate diversity of the brand.

The #YoursTruly campaign, created by McCann London, includes celebrities like Cheryl Fernandez-Versini, Katie Piper and other well known influencers and bloggers. Of particular note, blogger ‘The Plastic Boy’ has been chosen as the first man to appear in the French company’s ad with the focus on a cultural shift to men wearing makeup.

According to Adrien Koskas, General Manager, L’Oréal Paris U.K, who spoke to Marketing Week, the “I’m worth it, you’re worth, we’re worth it taglines have developed over time but we think it’s all the same message whatever we do, to bring beauty to as many people as possible.”

The importance of social media influencers and bloggers as spokespeople for beauty brands is a hot topic in the industry today. Especially among trained, working makeup artists who these influencers have been beating out for these sponsorships.

Nonetheless, influencers are bringing in the sales, and their voices and opinions are far reaching.  So the reason they continue to land these deals is clear. And the message this latest move serves for the market is important.

Koskas said she believes in the brand focusing more on influencers’ YouTube, Twitter and Instagram platforms, especially as more and more consumers are questioning traditional marketing methods.

“We think it is much more important to use influencers who consumers can relate to on a daily basis, in a genuine and sincere way,” Koskas told Marketing Week.

The move is also one that looks to connect more intimately with consumers who want brands that speak directly to their needs in life.

The success of this latest campaign will depend on sales and the response not only from customers but also those who are directly following the celebrities and influencers it’s chosen to include.

Michael King, hairstylist, makeup artist and owner of Micheal King Exclusive, told yours truly that this latest move by L’Oréal is an exciting one. King, a male who confidently wears makeup, said this shift is an important one and a testament to what he’s long believed, practiced and driven with his business. He’s also noted a related uptick in male clients at his own salon in Connecticut coming in for more than just a haircut these days. And he’s catering to that need by offering appearance, grooming and image consultation solutions to customers.

“Being beautiful is a gift that can command attention. Everyone wants to look good; it just takes a particular approach to make men comfortable with that.”

L’Oreal’s move to open the airwaves and minds of more consumers to diversity and acceptance will be an interesting one to watch, and I for one will be sitting by with my fan brush and setting spray ready to learn. 

Edited by Alicia Young

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