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March 20, 2017
By Special Guest
Evans Walsh, Content Writer

What is email marketing? Is it simply sending across push messages to your buyers and potential customers to remind them of the holiday discounts? Is it about filling up their inbox with spam mails conveying that it is time for them to shop? What is the secret component of email marketing that makes it a raging success for some companies and a bumbling failure for the others?

If you have been looking for that sacred book that contains all the secrets of successful email marketing strategies, then you are in luck. Today we will give you a sneak peek into the Bible of email marketers. So, saddle up for the ultimate journey to success

Avoid a whimsical frequency

Have you noticed how your inbox seems to fill up faster with spam mails and adverts from barely known brands after Halloween? It is completely understandable as Black Friday is around the corner and people are putting on their bravest faces for finishing their last minute Christmas shopping.

The key to getting noticed in that deluge of email adverts and notifications is maintaining a regular frequency. It should never appear as whimsical, and it should impeccably mimic a merchant’s sales cycles. This simply means that if you rake in most profits during the months of November and December, your emails should be more in number during these months.

Many healthcare companies also send out holiday emails containing special offers on dental checkups, eye checkups and whole-body checkups at a discounted rate. (You should definitely see what that turkey does to you every year!)

However, you need to remember two very important points:

  1. Never send out the same mail to the same person more than once in a day
  2. If the holidays aren’t your best sales seasons, don’t start sending out mails simply because others are doing it!

Bombarding a person with promotional emails almost always leads to immediate un-subscription.

Avoid overdoing the segmentation part

Segmentation can be really effective since it helps you group your consumers into categories with like-minded shopping preferences. If done correctly, it can boost the conversion rate, CTR and sales. But what happens when you overdo it? In most cases, one subscriber can fall into more than one group. If one patient is listed for both dental checkups and diabetes camp, he will be inundated with multiple emails from your company every day. Not only is this extremely annoying for the subscriber, but you may even run a risk of becoming labeled as spam.

So if you are a huge fan of segmentation, make sure that you have unique subscribers in each group. You can add fresh tools to your website manager to de-duplicate the subscribers. The easiest way to avoid such a fiasco is by applying a universal frequency setting. You can make sure that only one email is sent out every 12 hours uniformly across the entire contact database. Multiple email delivery systems have this setting, and it pays off after you have been in business for longer than a year.

Experiment a little

If you have been in the game for a few years, you will know how difficult it is to get noticed during the festive email marketing endeavors. Even Cinderella would have been lost in the clamor of brands fighting for the limelight. So, here are a few things you can try (if you are feeling brave enough):

  • Clever messaging – this is one of the most common out-of-the box ways to helps brands get noticed. Use popular cultural references and add some humor to catch your subscriber’s attention.
  • Using emojis – You can try using emojis in the subject line itself to grab eyeballs. This is one method that almost never fails. (Try including a grinning emoji for dental checkup emails, if you are worried about your Dentist SEO)
  • Changing the “form” – people are bored with reading conventional formal emails. So, why not jazz things up a bit? Include fun fonts, GIFs, JPEGs and include a “new form” of your brand name.
  • Did you know? Many well-known companies misspell their own names, events and days in the subject line to catch your attention immediately. And this always works. However, this is a risky move and do not attempt it if your company doesn’t have a strong fan base yet.

Shoppers/clients hate it when you don’t remind them of deadlines

Many shoppers wait for the last minute to place the order. This procrastination causes many of them to miss out on shipping deadlines. Such shoppers would simply love it if you could remind them from time to time of the shipping deadlines during the festive season. Reminders that knock lazy shoppers on the same day as the deadline are far better than a full cart and an empty Christmas.

Do not ignore the ones who have not knocked at your door this year

Just because a customer has not shopped from your store this year does not mean he won’t be back the next year. You should always remember that while compiling your mailing list for this year. Take the lapsed customers as a challenge and put them in a separate group. It should be your target to lure them back to your shop with lucrative offers, discounts and shipping offers.

No matter how long a customer strays, it is the duty of a good brand to include their names in the mailing list every year. You can also try sending personalized messages to them to remind them of your special offers. You can gradually ebb the frequency of the year-round emails over the years in case they have completely stopped visiting your store.

Holidays are the time for joy and shopping. You can gear up for the holiday season with festive offers, discounts, and promotions to lure in buyers. The best way to reach out to the veteran buyers as well as potential customers is by sending out holiday themed emails. But you must remember never to overdo it!

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