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March 21, 2017
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Sophia Mixon, Content Writer

User engagement is easiest achieved through interactive content, which is why the focus of content marketing has been pointing more and more towards interactive strategies and tools. Consumers worldwide now look for more memorable, personalized experiences that will make them engage and opt for buying products and services.

But how can a content marketer create interactive content as a part of their marketing strategy? Fortunately, there are thousands of ways to craft interactive content, if you know which tools to use in the process.

The widest selections of templates and solutions come with platforms such as Ion Interactive, SnapApp and Ceros. These are all commonly used by large businesses and provide marketers with amazing solutions, but are known to come at high prices.

Sam Johnson, a content manager at SuperiorPapers has pointed out to several alternative choices that can help you achieve the same results while saving money in the process:

There are some brilliant platforms and tools for crafting interactive content and you do not have to spend a fortune to use them. For those looking for an affordable solution, which is equally efficient as the top-rated tools, I would recommend using some of my favorite platforms for content marketing. If you follow my steps, you will finally be able to save a lot of money while trying to turn your small enterprise into a huge, successful business.

So, what are your best alternatives when it comes to interactive content? If you are in need of a new content strategy that will improve your business, these are the best choices:

Content Tools

Learning about interactive content is a never-ending process since the options a marketer has here are limitless. With over 9.2 million views at this point, is a platform that every content marketer must use. By using this tool, you will be able to choose between numerous options in terms of creating interactive content, starting from quizzes and polls and ranging to data visualization, eBooks, trivia, and so on.

Using Content Tools will help you accomplish user engagement by inserting various types of interactive content to your marketing strategy. Use

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this opportunity to create interactive maps, contests, photo captions, rankers and calculators. This platform can be used at a highly affordable price, while at the same time providing marketers with the majority of tools for interactive content.


For those who are just starting their business or do not have the additional funds for developing an interactive content marketing strategy, is a completely free, yet powerful source of such content. With over 10 million shares every month, this platform can help every marketer create viral content that will not only engage people, but also increase the sales.

Playbuzz is a platform that will help you create various types of engaging content in the form of quizzes, lists, polls, trivia, surveys, stories, video snippets and many, many other formats.

Quiz Revolution

Quiz Revolution is your best choice for an instant quiz or survey. You do not need to have any experience in crafting such type of interactive content, since this platform uses intuitive editors that will provide you with design and coding without any extra effort. The only thing you need to do is copy your existing content and paste it into the editor, after which you will get a custom app. Pasting the generated HTML code from this app onto your blog or website allows you to enjoy a free quiz or survey done in only few minutes.

If you wish to enjoy more options, you can always upgrade to premium membership plans.


Riddle allows marketers to create amazing interactive content for any blog or website. This content comes in the form of polls, quizzes, lists, personality tests and many, many others. If you are a marketer on the move, this is your best option for interactive content since the platform is optimized for mobile device use. Using Riddle allows people to both create and publish content regardless of their location.

This tool also allows for a free and premium plan.


Apester is a popular marketing platform that allows its users to create interactive content in the form of quizzes, videos, polls and personality tests. Such interactive units are listed under the name ‘VoicRS.’

If you want to increase user engagement on your website or blog, this is a great option for creating your content. Apester uses a unique algorithm that will guide the visitors of your website from one page to another, which will ultimately increase the page view number for every single session.

This tool is free of charge for every content marketer in need of assistance in creating a successful marketing strategy.

Modern marketers are trying to reach a pretty high bar and this is not only a result of headcounts, recourses and unprecedented budgets. The demand of new, engaging solutions that will lead to website optimization is now imminent, which is why every marketer needs to learn and implement interactive content in their marketing strategy. Now that you are informed on which are the best platforms for the creation of such content, it is time to turn your own marketing strategy into one that will increase both user engagement and sales!

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