Eyeview Hires Jeff Fagel as New CMO

July 15, 2016

Eyeview, an up-and-coming presence in the industry of outcome-based video marketing, announced this month that it has hired a new chief marketing officer to lead the company’s own outreach efforts.

Jeff Fagel, the new CMO, has a long history of success at companies such as PepsiCo and Sears. His most recent position, the CMO of digital marketing company Cofactor, showed that he could hold this type of position and properly handle brand marketing as it relates to the online environment. Previous positions have displayed his aptitude for retail. All told, Fagel’s history is a strong indicator that he will succeed in his new role, a hopeful view that Oren Harnevo, the CEO of Eyeview, appears to share.

Harnevo’s comment on the development:

“I’m excited to add a marketing leader with deep digital, retail, brand, and customer experience to define, build, and lead a new video advertising category around outcome-based video marketing,” Harnevo said. “Today’s marketers must prove a measured return in sales on every dollar they spend, and Jeff understands this, as he has spent time as a brand side marketing leader and is a seasoned marketing technology CMO who has worked directly with brands to navigate the competitive landscape and scale their businesses.”

That sort of endorsement comes on the heels of Eyeview’s other major announcement from this summer, it’s raising of $21.5 million in equity which is expected to help further boost the company’s spike in revenue. Harnevo and crew have seen Eyeview triple its revenue and grow its employee base by 20 percent since its last round of funding. This latest round, a Series D, is informed by rankings such as Deloitte’s latest Fast500, which placed Eyeview as the ninth-fastest growing company in the U.S. this past November.

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Fagel’s position may find something new beyond what he experienced in the past. Eyeview’s mission is to provide result for its clients, like most other businesses. However, it tries to take marketing in a different direction by tying a return on sales to their marketing efforts. This makes company officials such as Fagel accountable for their work because the overall dynamic between service provider and client will change.

No longer will enterprise clients sit back and allow marketing to take shape without direct, immediate feedback. They will look to their hired advertising firms to prove that their actions are effective from the first day on the job.

This places pressure on top marketing officials such as Fagel and his new team. He will be responsible for making sure that Eyeview uses its latest influx of capital to its highest potential. Furthermore, he may be called to inform how Eyeview can help its clients perform better in their own markets. Fagel has the backing of his new boss. His history has shown him capable. Now he just needs to meet that expectation and bring his skills to life in a new setting.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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