Unacast Hires Marianna Zaslavsky as New VP of Data Partnerships

October 11, 2016

The use of proximity beacons, a growing element of real-time marketing that may reach $52.46 billion by 2022, is taking hold in many retail stores. Retailers can partner with proximity hardware and software developers – so-called proximity solutions providers (PSPs) – to transmit relevant signals on-premise that can reach customers via their mobile devices. This type of relationship has also left open a spot for companies that wish to connect PSPs with advertising and media providers, which retailers can access to gain purposeful advertisements to show their customers.

Unacast has developed its Prox online service to act as that type of middleman. Advertisement companies can host their ads on the Prox network so retailers can access them for use in their chosen proximity products. Now Unacast has gained a new vice president of data partnerships, Marianna Zaslavsky, who will carry the task of developer her new company’s relationship with PSPs.

Zaslavsky commented that she has followed Unacast and witnessed its potential for growth:

“[I] have seen how they have become the market leader in its space in a very short time,” Zaslavsky said. “This accomplishment, the unique value proposition of the company and the team’s vision for the future are what attracted me to Unacast. I’m thrilled to be a part of the team and to develop partnerships to expand our database and deliver on our core mission of making proximity data accessible and actionable for advertisers and brand marketers.”

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The whole of this market, as the link above attests, is taking hold in many Asia Pacific countries. It already has a stronghold in North America and is a significant contributor to the Internet of Things as it relates to business advancement.

Proximity beacons have the ability to transmit signals within retail locations. For example, a large retail company like Walmart may use beacons to recognize that a Walmart mobile app user has just entered her home store. It can then send her a message relaying details about the day’s latest deals and discounts on items she has purchased in the past. Marketers can, in real time, recognize new members of that digital community by offering them unique deals. Furthermore, marketers can offer select options to members of rewards programs who have shown their loyalty to a brand.

There is a lot of range for variability in these situations because retailers can offer their own store-specific deals alongside brands that can recognize the loyalty of customers. Meanwhile, advertisements for related goods can reach the consumer and show them products they may have never tried but may like.

The wealth of options here underscores the need for quick transmission of customer data. It also underscores the need for data security, which comes as a top concern within the Prox online system. Unacast was recently awarded Series A funding from a prominent venture capital firm; it will use that funding to grow Prox’s capabilities and the company’s reach to new PSPs. Zaslavsky will be essential to this growth in her new VP position, backing up her present responsibilities with a history of strong performance at Eyeview, HookLogic, and other marketing companies where she gained experience in business development and e-commerce.

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