Is Your Digital Marketing Strategy (Or Lack Thereof) Harming Business?

December 29, 2016

Digital marketing can be your best friend of worst enemy. On the one hand, a good digital marketing strategy can help your business skyrocket; while on the other hand, it can also ruin your standing with Google. Google is a beast all its own, and it seems like as soon as people figure it out, something in the algorithm changes. So, what is a digital marketer to do? There are plenty of predicted marketing trends to look into for 2017—and I’m sure those will change as Google does—but what tactics should you absolutely avoid? Here are a few digital marketing mistakes to stay away from in 2017.

According to a blog post by Hannah Evon, one of the worst things a digital marketer can do is prioritize clicks over conversions. Seeing a large number of views on your article is always nice, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the content was viewed. If the content wasn’t viewed, that means it wasn’t interacted with. In other words, the viewer didn’t subscribe to your email list, didn’t enter contact information, and definitely didn’t buy anything. So, yes, while thousands of views might be nice, it’s all worthless if each of those views only lasted 20 seconds.

You may be wondering why someone would come to your site and only stick around for a few seconds. Surely if they clicked the link in the first place, they must be interested, right? Wrong. There are plenty of factors that cause a viewer to make a quick escape from your website.

For example, poor mobile optimization is one of the leading causes of short website visits. For many, there’s nothing more annoying than trying to view a website that is not mobile-friendly. Pictures and paragraphs are all over the place, text shows up in odd sizes, and links are often too close together. Plus, forget about using the menu button—it’s either impossible to find or simply won’t work. No one wants to deal with that, and it’s easy to tell if mobile optimization is going to be an issue as soon as the page opens. While this may not necessarily be your fault—some website templates are more mobile-friendly than others— there are ways to check how your site looks on mobile before publishing it out for the world to see. So do yourself a favor and quit putting mobile optimization off. Smartphones and tablets are here to stay, which means your digital marketing needs to keep up.

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Another issue with digital marketing that Evon points out is the idea that quantity is better than quality. Spoiler alert: it’s not. Sure, having a lot of content posted every day would be great for business, but that doesn’t work if the content is poor. Posting articles simply for the sake of doing so, without paying attention to content quality, is one of the biggest mistakes digital marketers make. Doing so ultimately ruins the business’ reputation as a legitimate news source and can even affect its Google ranking. It’s really quite simple: good content is good content, no matter how much of it gets posted in a day. Posting with caution can help agencies gain legitimacy and earn long-term, loyal clients. Meanwhile, bad content will bring your thousands of 20-second page views down to zero very quickly.

There are quite a few digital marketing strategies used in agencies all around the world. And, while some trends may change through the years, there will always be tactics that simply don’t work. Prioritizing clicks, posting poor content, and ignoring mobile optimization are all sure-fire ways to ruin a company’s standing as a reputable source and will ultimately harm the organization. So while you’re busy studying up on which digital marketing techniques to implement in 2017, be sure to keep these negative strategies in mind as well.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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