Six Tips for a Successful Digital Marketing Career

January 16, 2017
By Special Guest
Leena Boor, Business Analyst

Due to the fact that corporations and firms of all sizes are taking their online presence seriously, digital marketers are in high demand. The industry is ever blooming and most brands can’t afford to be left behind. Starting out as a digital marketer doesn’t require a marketing or finance degree. In fact, college students aspiring to delve into the career can major in any courses while in school. Digital marketing is an exciting career that allows room for creativity. Here are six surefire tips for the aspiring digital marketer.

1. Research on your own

It is better to start increasing your knowledge base concerning digital marketing even before graduating from college. As time goes on, you will be familiar with digital marketing terminologies and strategies. Like any other 21st century career, the trends of digital marketing are constantly changing. In view of this, you can follow experts on their social media profiles and be updated with industry news.

2. Acquire work experience

When searching for jobs, work experience is one of the core things that is required from prospective employees. College students may face a lot of challenges in the process of creating their resumes or CVs because they lack the much-needed work experience. Interning at a digital marketing agency or brand will assist students in the long run. In addition, you can work on small projects like running a family business or providing free services for friends.

3. Make personal branding a priority

The Internet is a great place to start personal branding, especially social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Having an active online presence as a digital marketer is crucial in order to be successful. The majority of your clients, both the existing and potential ones, are using these social media platforms too.

4. Build your network

Networking is an intrinsic part of any career. Building and managing a meaningful network will take time, effort and determination. Apart from connecting with people online, endeavor to meet them in person by attending networking events and conferences. During any of these events, you can have the opportunity to meet influencers in your field.

5. Choose your area of specialization

Digital marketing has so many areas such as social media, content management, email marketing, SEO marketing and mobile marketing. The bottom line is to decide on the few ones you want to specialize in after acquiring the relevant skills.

6. Be certified

Being accredited by a professional body is a sure way to be recognized as an expert. You can check if your university offers part-time marketing courses, and there are organizations that provide online courses for students. Including this information on your CV can increase your chances of getting high quality jobs. 


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