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January 30, 2017
By Special Guest
Leena Boor, Business Analyst

Over the last decade, social media has come to occupy the most vital role as far as effective and prominent promotion is concerned. Social media has already become the most trusted platform for economical marketing for various industries and it is the very same for application developers. With the development of apps for different purposes constantly on the rise, the need for promoting the same to the users is also rising. The simple aim behind promoting the launch and upgrades of new apps is to catch the attention of the user base and put one’s application before the competitor’s. Here is where the role of social media becomes imperative, since it extends the widest and most effective reach into the consumer base.

Why Social Media?

More and more people every day are signing up for different social media platforms and are trying to connect with hundreds and thousands of

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other people.  This in turn provides businesses a chance to connect with a larger base of consumers. Regardless of the budget and reach, social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube extend application developers a chance to get in touch with the targeted audience. Some of the most efficient and worthwhile ways of connecting with people better through social media include: videos & trailers, collaborating with blogs and influential websites, and content marketing with the help of efficient essays.

Effective Ways of Promoting your App on Social Media:

There are a number of tips and tricks that you will have to consider in order to promote your application on social media. Some of the most effective tips, including the ones mentioned above, are as follows:

1. Create engaging videos and trailers for social media

A well directed and edited video or trailer of your application, providing a virtual description of the purpose of the app and how it aids the user, is the most powerful message you could send across your targeted consumer base. Some of the questions that the video or trailer should make clear are: What is the app used for? What is the genre of the video? What devices support the app? Where can one download it from? Does the app come for free or not? and many more. Once you are ready with the trailer, publish it on every social media platform you have. Most competent social media platforms in this respect are YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and any other online publication you can associate yourself with.

2. Start reaching out to social media Influencers, bloggers, Instagrammers, YouTubers, publications, etc.

A mandatory promotional call for marketing your app on social media is to reach out to and collaborate with potential social media influencers. Seek out bloggers, Facebook page owners, popular instagrammers and online publications that have good followings to use their individual platforms and valuable content creation skills to promote your app. When reaching out to these influencers, keep your message clear. Render explanation as to why you are reaching out to them, what you ask them for, what your expectations are and, most of all, keep everything simple.

3. Use content as a marketing weapon

Every social media platform is using content in one form or the other for marketing purposes. It is one of the most effective ways to engage readers and get the message through. Use screen shots, videos, trailers, game play, app captures, character artwork and other captures and associate them with valuable and relatable content to maximize the effect of such content.

Other potent ways of promoting your app on social media include: leveraging your mobile website, featuring the app in sponsored social media ads, featuring the app in emails, considering putting the app up for download on alternative app stores, using SEO, joining different social media groups, etc. 

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