How is Digital Signage Drying out the Traditional Ad World?

February 22, 2017
By Special Guest
Steven Lorre, Content Writer

Marketing is impaired without its digital aspect in today’s world. Marketing and advertising trends haves to take into account the increasing use of mobile devices and social media platforms to share thoughts in order to become successful. At the beginning of 2015 the digital signage market was around $14.9 billion and it is expected to grow at a standard rate of 5.3 percent per year.

Why is digital signage steadily growing in popularity?

Digital signage has claimed the loyalty of clients from publics sectors and healthcare sectors who need dynamic content to be displayed in high resolution. This has fed into the out of home advertising trends that use LED displays to create attractive, video and/image displays for the clients and brands. With the advent of digital displays it has become much easier for brands to attract the attention of their target audience since they can now physically position their ads in places frequented by their target audiences. For example – if a sports merchandise brand decides to air its promotional offers in multi-gyms and bodybuilding workshops, they are likely to see a significant spike in sales.

What are the ideal places to display your digital signage?

The ideal place solely depends upon your target audience. As mentioned in the example above, a sports merchandise brand may choose a gym

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or a yoga center to display the digital board. If it chose a geriatric care center it would be both ridiculous and a waste! Choosing such locations can be both tricky and challenging. Things can go haywire for your brand image if you choose the wrong location or the wrong target audience for airing an ad.

So here are a few generic places that work for almost every brand

  • Waiting rooms of airports and bus stations where people will watch your ad and remember your brand
  • Lobbies of hotels and hospitals where people usually wait long hours without much entertainment
  • Train platforms and subway stations are ideal for short ad films
  • Elevators where you will get undivided attention
  • Breakroom or rec-rooms of your company office where your employees can revise their skills by watching videos and slideshows

Recent studies show that customer satisfaction increases by a whopping 92 percent when they are involved in an interactive process. Turning digital signs into interactive mediums is very easy. You will need a good quality LCD touchscreen, quite similar to the ones McDonald’s, Domino’s and Macy’s use to take orders and feedback from their customers. Currently, almost 40 percent of the retail industry employs digital signage as a medium of marketing and advertisement.

Using digital touchscreens to convey your message makes the entire process more effective. It involves your target audience in an interactive process where they feel valued. The pioneering participants include Cisco, Samsung Electronics, Scala, Intel, Winmate, LG Electronics, Panasonic Co and Microsoft Co.

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