Essential Skills for the Aspiring Digital Marketer

March 21, 2017
By Special Guest
Leena Boor, Content Writer

Many careers started emerging as soon as the Internet was introduced years ago. These new jobs came with fresh opportunities and a promising future. As a matter of fact, the Internet will be around for a very long time and more careers are expected to surface as time goes on. The demand for digital marketers keeps increasing regularly as brands now see the need to have a powerful online presence and stay ahead of competitors.

Content management/marketing

The ability to create high quality content regularly is a basic requirement for any digital marketer. It has been observed lately that video content is getting more popular than all other forms of content. In view of this, mastering the art of creating and curating compelling videos should be a priority of every digital marketer. Apart from producing content, understanding how content management systems work and designing an effective content strategy are essential.

Social media

Before making any purchase, today’s customers visit the social media profiles of companies. The information that they are able to glean from the pages has a great influence on whether the visitor will make a purchase or not. It goes without saying that different approaches work on each social media platform and it must be well understood. In addition, a digital marketer must be able to use these channels for both paid and free advertising with impressive results.

SEO marketing

Social engine optimization is as relevant as before, the only difference is that the trends keep changing. Every company wants their website to

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rank well in searches. A basic knowledge and technical skills of SEO assists in gaining more traffic and increasing user engagement.

Data analysis

The role of data analysis in digital marketing can’t be underscored because all the other skills rely on it. Many brands hire marketers with a proven record of effective data management. This is due to the fact that it is a must to keep track and analyze data for measuring performances.

Mobile marketing

Mobile devices, especially smartphones, are popular at the moment. Almost everyone owns a smartphone and use it to browse the Internet. It is expected that a website must be mobile friendly and responsive in order for content to reach a wider audience. The development of mobile apps by brands is also on the rise and this in turn leads to improved user engagement.

It’s very easy to improve on your digital marketing career skills as long as you have access to the right tools and there is a burning desire to learn. One important thing to note is that all these skills keep evolving and only those who are up to date with the latest developments will stand out. 

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