Marketing Mainstays: Top B2B Trends Today for a Solid Tomorrow

March 24, 2017
By Special Guest
Terry Madigan, Operations Manager-Director, Madigan Marketing

B2B marketing is changing all the time. Just like in other areas of marketing, new trends are constantly coming along that change the way things are done.

However, some trends over recent years have become so important that they are now mainstays. Here's a look at some of the top B2B marketing trends of recent years that are not going anywhere soon, and which you should be adopting if you want to stay up to date.

Mobile First

It was only a decade ago that the first true smartphone, the original iPhone, was released. Since then, mobile has almost completely taken over.

While desktop use is still high, many people now access the Internet using a mobile device, and B2B marketing is very much focused on a mobile-first philosophy.

This is what specialist firms like Madigan Marketing have been saying for a while, and the importance of mobile marketing can no longer be ignored in B2B.

Last year, Google made mobile optimization a ranking factor in mobile search. Seeing as more people than ever are now searching on their mobile devices, any business that wants to be found in the search engines will need to have a strong mobile presence.

Expect this to only become more important over coming years, and any B2B companies that have yet to launch a responsive version of their site will want to do so ASAP.

Video Marketing

Video has seen something of a boom in recent years. Faster Internet speeds, especially mobile Internet speeds, and the huge growth in mobile ownership all over the world, have made videos a popular form of content to consume on the go.

Video marketing may be more associated with B2C marketers, but B2B marketers should also get used to it. Video is engaging, it has great ROI,

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it is quick to view and simple to digest, and all of this makes it very appealing to customers whether your focus is B2C or B2B.

But how can businesses use video for B2B marketing? There are many options. For example, you could create brand videos that you display on your website, or you could include video testimonials in your marketing materials as an effective form of social proof. You could even get involved in the new trend of creating mini documentaries.

Live videos are a new big trend within video marketing, and you can expect these to become more important over the coming months and years. B2B marketers can easily find uses for them, such as through product demonstrations, customer interviews, and live events. So think about how you could incorporate more video into your marketing strategy.

Content Marketing

Content marketing may once have been a trend, but it is now very much a necessary activity for B2B marketers.

The Internet is built on content. Content that provides value and that engages the reader is a fantastic way to generate trust, traffic and sales.

But content marketing continues to evolve. For businesses, it will likely become more strategic over the coming years, as well as more measurable. The focus on quality over quantity will continue, and there will be a greater need to demonstrate its ROI.

More types of content, such as interactive content, are also likely to become more important for B2B marketers.

Native Advertising

Native advertising has been around for decades. The practice of publishing a sponsored article in a publication to disguise the ad has long been used by marketers, and now this has moved online.

More B2B marketers than ever are using native advertising because it has proven to be so effective. While it's not really content marketing, it does use content and it is a great way to get your message out and ensure you have a platform for your content. Done right, it can generate significant traffic.

Focus on the Customer

Taking a customer-focused approach is becoming all-important for B2B marketers. While this has been known in B2C for a long time, the shift is now occurring in B2B because this is what will get results. After all, B2B buyers are influenced by the experiences they have as consumers.

Focus on These Important Trends

These are some of the most important trends in B2B marketing right now. They have been around for a while, but they are now more important than ever. Some are now mainstays, while others are quickly becoming essential.

So make sure you start to incorporate them into your own marketing practices if you have not yet done so, and enjoy the benefits of more effective B2B marketing.

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