Why Salesforce is Winning the Digital Marketing War

March 28, 2017
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David Wicks, Content Writer

Earlier this year, Salesforce unveiled new features and rolled out a few enhancements of its marketing platform, Salesforce Marketing Cloud. A step aimed at improving user experience, the roll out was just one of the numerous giant steps Salesforce has taken in the last few years. During the Annual Marketing Conference, it was announced that the company had stretched Salesforce Lightning to cover Marketing Cloud. The move, aimed at enhancing customer experience and management, has since then been received with unwavering approval across the globe. In yet another announcement, Salesforce unveiled another product, courtesy of its partnership with Google. Marketing Cloud for Google Customer Match, the new feature, is designed to enhance CRM powered advertising on Gmail, Google Search and YouTube.

The future is bright

With Salesforce embracing Artificial Intelligence across its cloud computing options, nothing short of a brighter future is expected. Currently, Salesforce Marketing Cloud clients are able to create personalized communication with their customers the easier way. Thanks to machine learning, there has been a boost in user engagements. In his statement, McCorkle confessed that machine intelligence has the ability to link patterns to provide more accurate judgments as opposed to individuals relying on their personal intuitions.

For marketers with in-depth understanding of data science, the future couldn’t have been any more promising than it is right now. The knowledge

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of how the algorithm works isn’t just left for Salesforce developers, but to anyone who needs to take their marketing goals further with this new system. With each growing day, the corporate arena is evolving and so is Salesforce marketing. The new model enables marketers to introduce a couple of customizations in order to enhance personalized experiences. The entry of artificial intelligence might not necessarily mean that the machine will make all the important decisions. With guidance from the machine, however, one will be able to make more informed decisions suitable for individual businesses.

Unique marketing experience

Ideally, the enhanced Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers an unmatched marketing platform for customers who need unique marketing experience for their businesses. Take the email marketing feature, for instance. With the CRM, one is able to establish and run effective email campaigns the easier way. If used effectively, clients are able to reach a larger audience using more personalized messages. Salesforce understands the growing use of mobile phones and other communication devices and their role in content marketing. The new system supports use of SMS, MMS and even push notifications in reaching the target audience. More resoundingly, Salesforce Cloud Marketing comes with better options for powering digital advertising. It is now easier than ever before to re-engage with docile customers and increase ROI.

Real value for money

Marketers couldn’t have lived in a better era than we are right now. However, only those who embrace the winning technologies that Salesforce has brought forth will live to tell the sweet tale of victory. If you have never considered this an option, it is never too late to get started.

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