Instagram Social Media Marketing: Effective Ways to Enhance the Experience

April 10, 2017
By Special Guest
Andrew Thompson, Content Writer

In order to take marketing to the next level via social media, you must try different tools. With the right set of Instagram tools, it can become easier for you to gain analytical and professional insights. Here, we will focus on some of the most important tools that you can use with Instagram. 

Embed Instagram Feed

If you are trying to display your Instagram feeds properly to the targeted audience, it is necessary to embed the feeds in your website or blog. There are suitable tools and apps available to get it done. With these tools, you can easily embed the feeds in your website, while ensuring that no cost is being incurred for the advertisement part. You can even ask the visitors to follow your Instagram account with the help of feeds. In fact, these tools can even offer photo mapping, slideshow and grid layout options. The process mainly revolves around entering some basic codes (Instagram hashtags) into your website or blog. Once the code is entered, these tools will update your site with the latest Instagram posts you’ve shared. 

Filtering the Images

If you dream to become highly successful on a popular social sharing platform like Instagram, you need to share relevant images of your brand or company. Remember, images are the perfect reflection of the services and other information related to your company. Using a color story tool can give that perfect professional look to the images being shared on Instagram. You can easily visit to learn more about these options. These apps are well equipped with different filter options that can give them the effect you desire. Try to select some appealing filter options to help in unifying your posts and images. However, be very careful with what you post. Posting irrelevant images that don’t match the business requirements can be something you may find harmful for your company’s reputation. 

Scheduling Your Posts

There are some effective tools to schedule your Instagram posts suitably, as per the requirement. It may not be possible for a person to stay

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glued to your Instagram account 24/7. This is why it’s better to schedule your posts according to your convenience. As a result, it becomes easy enough to schedule and reschedule the posts at some later time. This is extremely beneficial for members working in a team, since it offers easy access to the Instagram account at any given time. 

Tracking the Performance

Merely posting and sharing feeds is not enough. You also need to track the performances of these shares at regular intervals. You will find several analytical tools available to monitor your Instagram posts’ performance. These metrics can track likes, comments and real Instagram followers.  The tools can also identify those posts that receive more likes and result in more follows. To obtain an overall view of the locations, statistics, tags and filters, there are also special apps available. 

Instagram is one of the busiest social media platforms available at the moment. You need to think smart in order to apply the right techniques of social media marketing. By using the right apps and tools, you can maintain consistent and fresh content updates that can make marketing easy.

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