Digital Marketing Boosts for Brick and Mortar Stores

April 25, 2017
By Special Guest
Walter Moore, Community Contributor

Digital marketing or data tools are not only important for the online retailers. Physical retailers are also finding benefits in these solutions. For those aiming to be successful in 2017 and well into the future, the ability to identify opportunities is a primary advantage of utilizing digital resources properly. Let’s take a look at some more.

Frequent price changes: Online retailers can optimize pricing according to changing customer preferences and demand. Similarly, a brick and mortar store can access this technology by using the digital marketing tools. Price intelligence or dynamic pricing software can help the physical retailers in altering prices in real time. With the help of predictive analytics and digital signage, pricing changes in physical stores is a seamless and effective process.

Customer service improvement: When the customers shop online, they gain easy access to reviews, FAQs and detailed product descriptions. Similarly, in using digital tools, the brick and mortar store can also improve customer service. Sensors can be used for tracking customers within the store, and apps can help by providing relevant offers, and aid in the purchase process.

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Analyze the foot count: Online traffic is analyzed through analytics tools. Physical can also keep track of foot traffic within physical stores. Digital tools can access the data, and provide an accurate portrayal of the busiest times in-store. Some tools are capable of providing information, like where these perspective customers are coming from, for instance. This helps with targeted advertising and planning the location of the future stores.

Optimize the shopping experience within the store: In the online marketing industry, the user experience is mission critical. If user experience can be improved through the product or landing pages, marketers can avoid high bounce rates and improve conversion. Now, digital marketing tools can also be used for enhancing the experiences of users within the brick and mortar store. By using Wi-Fi and sensors or beacons, the companies can easily track people coming into stores. Behaviors are tracked, and identified. Such as, how long a shopper spends in a particular section or department of the store.

The future of physical stores using digital marketing tools is quite bright. Tools that have long been “go-to’s” for e-commerce stores are now readily accessible by brick and mortar stores, offering access to copious amounts of data and actionable insight. Fret not brick and mortar stores, digital marketing tools mean you won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon.

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