Creating a Better Facebook Livestreaming Experience

April 28, 2017
By Special Guest
Jack Thomas, Community Contributor

Facebook’s live streaming feature now makes it easy for you to broadcast video from your profiles. Likes, shares, comments and emojis pop up on the bottom of the video in real time, offering business owners instant replies and comments. That kind of instant connection could help put your business front and center on the map. Here are a few suggestions to make sure that happens.

Know Your Consumer Base

Get a better gauge on what your market wants. Don't believe that’s the way to success? Just take a long, considering look at Amazon and its customer-obsessive approach to everything and you’ll understand why this is essential to your business. If you want your video content to hit your market base where it matters, you’ll need to know your market very well. That's the only way you’ll ever have a chance to develop content that caters to what they want and need.

Plan Those Events

Set your events in advance. If you own a bakery and do the work yourself, then plan on pulling off a cake-making tutorial. Once you’ve set a date for it, advertise like mad and build it up to generate enough buzz and hype so when you finally go live with your cake-making demo, you have a lot of attendees in your event. There’s nothing worse than scheduling an event and doing your best to prepare for everything, only for no one to come. That’s a waste of time and effort. That’s why you should always advertise your event, Inc. says.

Create a Routine

On the other hand, you don’t have to create a special event just to have content for your video. If you're a baker, for example, you can just record while you go about your normal, everyday business of putting together the cakes and pastries along with the rest of the offerings you have in your bakery. That's natural and gives your market base a look at who you are behind your cupcakes and cakes. It provides them with an excellent glimpse into your life as well as the team work and hard work behind the scenes, making them more receptive to buying your products or paying for your services.

Pick a Winning Title

Titles are the first thing potential customers will see on their notifications. If that title doesn't speak to or resonate with them, then they’re likely to ignore those notifications. You’ll want to pass that first hurdle by picking out great titles that are sure to win your customers over. It’s about making them feel like they have to read the article or miss out on information they need. Be careful with your titles, then. If you employ boring titles, it might be a good time to make your titles exciting again.

Use Reliable Tools

The BlueJeans Facebook event live stream option is just one of the many video technology solutions out there. With plenty of must-have features, though, it’s one of the best ones companies could opt for. If you want HD quality for your video, easy to use features and a system that’s compatible with slews of third party apps, this is a good choice to consider. By using reliable video conferencing tools and systems, you’re in much better control over the type of content you deliver to your customers. Reliable systems also work with little to no problems. If you must record a part of your life—it could be your daily walks or baking the first batch of donuts every morning—as part of the content you provide your customers with, then things will go without a hitch if you use a system that’s reliable, provides a strong and stable video environment and makes it easy for you to do the work so you can focus on doing what you love: running your business. 

Mention Them by Name

Once you put the videos up, wait awhile until comments, likes and shares pour in. Then start commenting to keep up the conversation. You could also provide answers, if there are questions on the post. Make sure to mention people by name, the Independent says. Your customers will be thrilled, giving them another reason to follow you. Once they do, they’ll be able to see all your posts in the future. That’s a good, solid foundation to have, especially if you want to eventually grow your market base and take your company’s relationship with your customers to a whole new level.

Don’t Be Left Behind

Given the rise in video consumption, it’s a safe bet that live video is here to stay. Companies that know how to take advantage of this almost always win a bigger share of the consumer pie. If you don’t want to wallow in the dust of your competition, start making plans on how to make live video central to your marketing strategy as soon as possible.

Edited by Alicia Young

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