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May 11, 2017

Getting down to brass tacks, digital marketing is no longer the wave of the future, or some passing fad. The reality for today’s marketers is simple. Data will protect you from the unknown— by putting the proper tools in place, campaigns begin at an optimal position for success. From knowing which channel deserves more spend, to which persona group requires some added attention, or which type of content resonates more, are all answers marketers can’t put a price tag on.

Today, DataSift announced the arrival of its Media Strategies API, with the proclamation “No data scientists, no problem.” With its initial round of availability coming as a component of PYLON for LinkedIn Engagement Insights platform, the Media Strategies API offers actionable insight throughout a campaign’s lifecycle – from campaign development and media planning to social media and strategy.

Answers are a quick search away. Marketers must simply search keywords and select an audience segment, and the Media Strategies API will

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create easy to digest, predefined reports based on best practice, utilizing machine learning and Natural Language Processing to get marketers the answers they seek, quickly and accurately.

Marketers need not sort through mounds of data; instead they can take the provided actionable insight and act – without the need for data scientists. The next generation API alleviates headaches with the use of automated machine intelligence, and can also be integrated into an agency’s internal media tools.

“Marketers now want answers – not just access to vast pools of data or graphics showing vanity metrics,” said Jerry Ronaghan, SVP, Agency and Ad Tech, DataSift. “With such an overwhelming amount of data available, machine intelligence has a huge role to play in guiding people to answers, and our new Media Strategies API is built to leverage that. This means marketers can focus on taking action based on what their audiences care about and more informed creative decisions can be made.”

Digital Transformation is transitioning marketers from spreadsheets of yesteryear to dashboards and descriptive statistics and best practice directives. While I’m not calling all marketers Veruca Salt, when they want answers, they want them now – and data can deliver. What digital marketing tools are you using?

Welcome to a world of pure imagination.

Edited by Alicia Young

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