The Power of Local Digital Marketing

May 18, 2017

Using digital media in marketing is nothing new. As the Internet became more prevalent, marketers started to leverage the platform as a means to reach out to consumers. However, in recent years, the focus of this arena of marketing has changed from a larger national scale to much more focused, local digital marketing efforts.

The change that has allowed the methodology of digital marketing to transform in this way can be attributed mainly to one thing: the massive rise in smartphone ownership. It is now estimated that 80 percent of Americans today own a smartphone of some kind. The features that these phones have make it possible for digital marketing to become very locally and specifically focused.

The main benefit of smartphones that marketers can leverage is the location services. Smartphones are constantly using service to pinpoint exactly where in the world they are at all times. Marketers can leverage this data to provide targeted offers to consumers based on their location. For example, when a consumer is browsing the Internet near a local doughnut shop, the location services could be leveraged to provide them with an advertisement or special offer. The same services could also be used to keep track of where a consumer tends to spend the most time, and then target the advertisements that they see to match that area. When leveraged the right way, the possibilities are almost endless.

Many people have spoken about the power of the Internet to make the world smaller, and there is definitely truth to that idea. People can now be instantly connected to places all around the world. However, marketers can also leverage the power of the Internet to make their marketing much more targeted as well, tailored to the location and habits of each individual consumer based off of the data that can be gleaned from their smartphones. This local digital advertising represents a new way of thinking about how digital media can be leveraged.

Edited by Alicia Young

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