Top Reasons Why WordPress is Most Popular with Marketers

May 18, 2017
By Special Guest
Sam Cyrus, CEO and Co-founder of GWM

If you are a marketer, you undoubtedly have a quality website specifically tailored for your needs. WordPress has just what you need. It is a content management system that powers over a quarter of all websites, with big names such as BBC and CNN falling into that group. Originally designed to be a blogging platform, it has grown into a full-blown CMS with tons of useful features that you can make use of. But is it good for a marketer’s needs? The answer is a resounding “yes,” and here are the top reasons why it is so.

It was made for monetization

The fact that most marketing professionals choose WordPress points out that it has to be doing something right. In fact, monetization on WP is at a high development stage, and best of all, it’s a cost-effective solution. If you’re starting from the get-go, and don’t have the budget for an expensive in-house Web designer, WordPress offers you a variety of plug-ins specifically built for this purpose. Ads, opt-in widgets, mailing list forms – you name it – WordPress plug-ins offer it all. Other content management systems out there don’t come close to it when it comes to monetization add-ons.

It offers a lot of themes

The default WP theme looks good, but it’s not quite the appropriate option for marketing products and enticing website visitors to click on your ads. But you don’t have to worry about that, as WordPress comes with a built-in feature that enables you to download a plethora of themes that are specifically tailored for certain businesses. If you want to take it a step further, you can invest into a premium theme, which offers even more advanced features. Some companies even supply you with complete frameworks, enabling you to make use of various functionalities.

It has quick SEO options

It is quite easy to manage SEO with WordPress. There are a number of SEO tools made for WP websites that supply you with content that is optimized according to contemporary SEO standards. You can easily customize every page, whether you are making a blog post or a landing page. WordPress makes it simple to create meta descriptions, title tags and URLs, enabling your customers to find what they are looking for. WordPress’ logical structure makes its websites easy to crawl by search engine spiders, so it is not a surprise that Google loves WP websites.

It has amazing community support

Another thing that makes WordPress stand out amongst its peers is the incredibly strong and helpful community behind it. If you run into any problems, you can not only find great support on the WordPress website, but you can also seek help from the community as a natural support system. If your website is down for some reason, you aren’t the only one with that problem, so you can easily consult someone about how to fix it. There are plenty of forum threads and tutorials that you can look up as well.

It’s quite easy to set up and use

While some developers are looking for complex solutions for their websites, it is not something that you need as a marketer. What you are looking for is a solution that is out-of-the-box, easy to use, and not something that requires extensive coding knowledge to decipher. While WordPress offers a lot of extensions, it is quite simple to learn. In fact, professionals from Web Design Sydney claim that it’s made for people without extensive coding knowledge, and requires only the very basics of HTML and CSS in order to build a strong website.

It’s safe and secure

Due to its immense popularity, it is no wonder that the WordPress team takes special care of its security, so you don’t have to worry about hackers giving you trouble with your website. While you still need to practice basic security measures such as avoiding themes and plug-ins that come from untrusted websites, WordPress comes with an automatic update feature which updates its security database on a regular basis. Next to being very safe out of the box, it also offers a wide variety of security plug-ins that you can download and install.

It hosts multimedia

As a marketer, you need to make the best out of various forms of media, like images, videos and audio files, in order to create the perfect user experience for your website visitors. Luckily, WordPress makes it very easy to incorporate multimedia files into your pages and posts. Via WordPress’ Media Library Screen, which is quite easy to use, you can upload the files and edit, view and delete them.

In summation

WordPress is a content management system that caters to all your needs as a marketer. The website that you create using WordPress is bound to be a powerful storefront and offer a one-of-a-kind user experience to your visitors. The abundance of themes and plug-ins enables you to create a site specifically tailored to a marketer’s needs and add all the functionalities that are necessary for it to make sure that your products and services get the attention that they require.

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