Attend Updates Event Management Platform with Mobile App

September 10, 2015

For enterprises, hosting corporate events can take a lot of effort and finesse. Attend, the developer of an event management platform of the same name, seeks to reduce the stress, and increase the finesse, on party planners' shoulders. Its latest announcement concerns a platform update and the addition of a mobile app, which facilitates in-person communication by providing salient customer data.

As Attend says in the announcement, its platform means to assist marketing, sales and customer success teams in all their interactions with customers. During events such as trade shows, this can mean gathering information with customers and then using that information throughout the rest of the event and beyond. Attend's platform and mobile app can handle registration, email confirmation and reporting, and its integration with Salesforce can list detailed information about any given customers. Sales teams can then view this information to discuss their planned future interactions with specific individuals.

Matt Engel, the CEO of Attend, hints that this information can help teams create conversation with attendees that go beyond surface-level interaction.

“Today’s empowered customers demand more thoughtful interactions and events are one of the best ways to deepen and extend those bonds,” Engel said. “With the latest version of Attend’s event management platform and new mobile app, we are addressing the needs of our B2B customers.”

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“The app enables our customers to optimize event interactions and helps bridge the connection between event managers and their sales teams,” he continued.

Overall, the updated platform and mobile app is meant to improve guests' experiences while also providing an effective bridge for transfer of information between business associates. Like Engel said, event managers and sales teams can use information gathered at events to determine a future focus for those teams. Either during extended parts of an event or back at the office, sales-minded employees can grab the exact information they learned at their events and translate that into leading sales material.

This could lead to targeted ads or even specific changes in marketing strategy that will help win more sales. The interaction between businesses is all about relationships because enterprises want to give their business customers the exact goods and services they desire. Data gained at events can be invaluable to learning what customers need, and the ability to take it mobile means this learning can take place anywhere.

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