Liid Releases Mobile App for CRM Tracking

September 18, 2015

The wearable tech market is still relatively new but that doesn’t mean it's not changing rather quickly. There was a time when these kinds of devices were only geared toward the consumer market. Now wearable tech is being aimed at the enterprise at a growing rate. This is underlined by the recent announcement that Liid, a Finnish firm, has created an activity tracker app that is geared toward keeping tabs on activities for sales professionals.

Liid says that the trackers work in much the same way activity trackers work for people seeking feedback on their workouts; the only difference is that this is a mobile app rather than a wearable device, and it gives employees feedback on their sales number or successful contacts. Juha Herranen, Liid CEO, told ITBrief, “We heard from many salespeople how difficult it is to find time to update CRM data.”

According to Liid, when salespeople are on the go and having to work fast, their device will give them a real-time look at all of their leads, contacts and accounts in Salesforce. The workers can look at this information as well as manage their personal tasks and create follow-ups. Users can also record their meeting notes and have those notes saved as written text in a CRM system of their choosing.

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According to the company, this particular application can save salespeople around 30-60 minutes every single day. The Liid application is now being offered on iOS and Android and is currently operating in conjunction with Salesforce. The company says that it will be able to offer the solution with a number of CRM operators in the coming months and will be rolling out integration with Microsoft Dynamics very soon. The aim is to support any CRM in order to reach as many enterprise customers as possible.

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