Facebook to Provide Fundraising Support for Nonprofits

November 18, 2015

Over the years, Facebook has been leveraged as a tool for raising awareness and inciting urgency within social media users about philanthropies, social causes, and both natural and human disasters. After all, the social platform boasts billions of users each day, making it a powerful tool for spreading awareness about important causes.

As such, Naomi Gleit, Facebook’s VP of product management, announced during Mashable’s annual Social Good Summit that they’ve created a dedicated team committed to social good. The “Social Good Team,” which is headed by Gleit, is focused on creating new tools around social causes and the needs of its users. For instance, Amber Alerts and Safety Check tools are now available to users, as well as a “Donate Now” button which enables social networkers to donate to causes such as ALS and the Nepal earthquakes.

Social Good Team recently unveiled its newest cause-related tools specifically made for fundraisers. Today , charities and nonprofits can create their very own dedicated “Fundraiser” page on Facebook, which is modeled exactly like an “Event” page.

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The fundraising pages enable charities and nonprofits to share information about their campaigns, post updates, and display the amount of donations received. Page visitors can easily see what the campaign is supporting, the end goal, i.e. how much money it hopes to raise, as well as have access to a “donate” button directly below the page’s cover photo. What’s more, those who donate to fundraisers can easily share their donation in a Facebook status, thereby raising further awareness and inspiring others to support their cause.

“People raise money for disaster relief, they search for missing children and they bring attention to the issues they care about,” Gleit wrote in a recent blog post. “We’ve seen from our community that when people take action, lives are changed. We know we can do more to enable these connections.”

Currently, nonprofit partners such as Mercy Corps, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and the World Wildlife Fund are utilizing Facebook’s fundraising tools.  Facebook hopes to encourage more nonprofits to sign up for these features throughout 2016.

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