Lime Light CRM, BillPro Get Together to Make Paying Bills a Little Smoother

March 14, 2016

Anyone who's moved out of their parents' house for more than a year is more than aware of bills. Those little nuisances constantly needing addressing can be one of the biggest issues a person faces, and for businesses, the problem is amplified. For some businesses, it's sufficiently bad as to encourage outsourcing of bill payment to accounting firms or the like, and that's a point that a new development from BillPro and Lime Light CRM may work to help.

The combined force of a payment service provider—BillPro--and a subscription processing system in Lime Light CRM gives online marketing operations a complete customer relationship management (CRM) tool that can handle elements of the creation and management of ongoing marketing campaigns. This should be particularly welcome news for large-scale marketing campaign efforts, as such can involve a large number of operations running concurrently. Thus, any move to automate part of the process means that much less for the wider business to keep track of.

Plus, there are several other components involved in the package; a large number of acquiring banks around the world are involved in this, as well as multi-lingual support for both payments and checkout, making things even simpler. A set of account management tools geared toward specific users are in play, along with transaction reporting and fraud management tools.

Daria Rippingale, BillPro's CEO, commented “We are excited to be able to offer BillPro's extensive range of global payment solutions to all of Lime Light's customer base. Lime Light CRM is a robust tool for online merchants, and this integration partnership gives its customers immediate access to BillPro's gateway and suite of international acquiring and processing solutions.”

There's long been something to say for simple convenience. Nearly any time a business can simplify a process, it brings along with it either a reduction in cost—fewer people are required to carry out that process—or greater productivity, as the current roster can focus on other tasks. Simplification has a way of being very profitable, if used properly. It's possible to oversimplify, to miss opportunities due to lack of manpower from oversimplified processes, but generally, simplification helps. The combined effort of Lime Light CRM and BillPro looks to provide at least some extra simplicity, making it easier to work with large-scale marketing operations.

Marketing is a big part of what keeps a business running. It's possible to have the best product around, but if no one knows about it, its value is limited at best. Building large-scale campaigns is about to get that much easier, and therefore, that much more likely to come about.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

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