AdReady Partners with Callbox to Enhance Pay-per-click Marketing

August 04, 2016

AdReady develops its digital media management software to help its business clients create assets for their marketing campaigns. It has long been interested in pay-per-call marketing – where affiliates get paid by businesses for every call customers return to those businesses – and now it has added Callbox to its list of partnerships to further that goal.

Callbox will support AdReady by providing its own pay-per-call software that tracks calls; furthermore, its cloud-based marketplace makes it easy for advertisers to buy and affiliates to sell calls. Callbox handles all the promotion, tracking of sales, recording of performance, and re-routing of calls to subsequent buyers. Combined with AdReady’s handling of marketing asset creation, the pair is expected to continue to perform well in the advertisement industry.

Chris Carnacchio, the vice president of media buying and optimization at AdReady, commented:

“Callbox allows us to not only deliver a high quality platform and service to our clients but also stay at the forefront of pay-per-call,” Carnacchio

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said. “With Callbox we are able to create a true marketplace experience for our clients as they can now choose between a managed service or the ability to use the platform as a self-serve PPC system, managing their campaigns on the fly, 24/7.”

His point raises an important issue that now circles all facets of marketing. Businesses want to know that they can perform their operations in the cloud. Prospective clients likely already have software and infrastructure they use in the cloud. They may even combine their public and private clouds to create a hybrid environment that supports their best interests.

Service and software providers that do not offer cloud-based offerings may soon be left behind. Although some clients will still see a need for premise-based software, it is clear that the largest share of users will soon operate almost exclusively with internet-linked software. For Callbox and AdReady, the movement of their services to the cloud means that their business clients can store all their campaign assets in a secure remote location, protected with redundant backups and made available on any device at any location.

That sort of convenience makes this partnership worth the effort. Customers will then also be able to enjoy the combined capabilities of these two pay-per-call vendors which should make their own clients’ lives easier and hopefully more productive in their campaigns.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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