The Marketing Group Acquires Augustus Group

August 04, 2016

The Marketing Group was formed last year to collect a number of like-minded businesses under a single umbrella. It soon caught the attention of more than a dozen companies willing to join the collective. Marketing Group’s latest additions, Augustus Group and its subsidiaries, will help its new parent business develop “reality TV”-type content for businesses across multiple channels.

Augustus Group contains the subsidiaries Imagine Group, Marker Limited, and Astute Limited. Imagine tackles video production of so-called reality television in Asia for a range of consumers that find their content both on the television and online at sites such as Netflix and Hulu. On the other hand, Market and Astute stick to business-to-business marketing by, respectively, connecting companies with customers through various marketing techniques and creating web apps and online services for such companies.

The addition of these capabilities cannot be understated. Although Marketing Group’s goal has always been to extend its reach across the globe and make sure it can provide as many resources to customers as possible, only now does it appear to feel prepared to handle large portions of the world’s business population. Jeremy Harbour, the executive chairman of Marketing Group, explains:

“This acquisition really changes the game for The Marketing Group cementing our position as a serious global player,” Harbour said. “We are still at the very beginning of this journey, but we have the expertise and the resources to really make a big statement in this industry, keep watching as our plan unfolds.”

The plan he mentions requires that Marketing Group holds the majority of shares in each company it has acquired. This case brings the overall portfolio of Marketing Group’s shares in lock-up to more than 70 percent, enough to hold its position as a leader of the companies under its wing and enough to allow it confidence when offering global services to any of its existing or future clients.

Marketing Group also tipped its hand when it cited recent studies from Cisco and Nielsen in its report of this latest acquisition round. Cisco has noted that, by 2017, video could account for 69 percent of all consumer internet traffic. Likewise, Nielsen has reported that 64 percent of marketers expect their efforts to concentrate mostly on video production.

Clearly the potential for expansion sits in the cards if Marketing Group sees those statistics hold true or even touch on their potential. With its position as a global entity and reach to seemingly unlimited resources, this conglomeration of marketing professionals will be able to address the consumer desire for video and therefore the enterprise need for video. Augustus’ joining of this parade comes, Harbour indicated, at the perfect time to take advantage of a market that has the potential for serious growth.

Edited by Alicia Young

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