Multimedia Plus Reaches Millions With INCITE Training

August 10, 2016

Multimedia Plus has a vision for how enterprises can properly train their employees. It has a vision that training can arrive at just the right time and in increments sufficient to teach skills throughout the tenure of each employee. Multimedia Plus wants to deliver training through video that is non-streaming and arrives on any user device when deemed necessary.

This is now the job of its INCITE communications software to which businesses can subscribe and provide their own training videos through that platform and directly to the employee’s mobile or desktop. Now INCITE has reached employees in more than one million training programs in 22 countries. Now it’s telling the world.

Instead of flaunting success, company CEO David Harouche only commented on this accomplishment with a description of how the employee training process should work and how INCITE makes it happen.

“Stores are a key link to business success,” Harouche said. “A major challenge has been how retailers can empower the in-store associate with training and technology tools to create a stellar shopping experience for customers. The steady growth in the delivery and completion of millions of programs and modules demonstrates the demand for mobile technology tools that are non-streaming, self-publishing, and offer real-time metrics.”

It’s clear that Multimedia Plus looks to the retail market as having a strong future in sales to consumers. Although online sales may continue to rise in popularity, many people still prefer the in-person experience where they can see and touch goods before the purchase. They rely on sales associates to help them through the sales process, so it makes sense that training should target the interactions that associates have with consumers every day.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to dump an industry’s worth of knowledge onto employees on their first day and expect all the best bits to stick. Incremental training sessions can fit into the actual process of work with INCITE because brands can build specific video-based messages that, for example, explain the details of handling a transaction at a cash register or managing the return of a gift. These videos can follow employees to any location on the sales floor or behind the help desk through the Multimedia Plus mobile app. Meanwhile, managers can trust in the efficacy of the training videos they created themselves and were delivered at appropriate times.

Harouche further commented that the nature of these training videos should prove successful enough to cause even more growth in the industry known as mobile associate communications platform. He said his company’s module deliveries should pick up speed as more retailers get their hands on INCITE and realize its potential.

Edited by Alicia Young

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