CAN Capital Hires New Chief Marketing Officer

August 17, 2016

CAN Capital makes loans available to enterprises through its own partnership with WebBank. It offers these loans through a number of subsidiaries and, for its own operations, engages in a hefty bit of marketing to keep itself afloat. This heavy weight will now land on new shoulders because CAN has hired a new chief marketing officer.

Chris Moloney of Wells Fargo and Gremln Social Media fame will fill that new spot. In his new position, he will lead CAN’s business marketing in both online and offline arenas while also paying attention to overall product development. Moloney will work primarily toward CAN’s ongoing goal of serving small businesses, and he will use his extensive knowledge of social media to help his new parent grow.

“CAN Capital is a trailblazer in using cutting-edge technology to help small business owners get the working capital they need to grow their businesses,” Moloney said. “I look forward to working with the team to maximize the company’s digital and social channels to increase their reach and further raise awareness of CAN Capital’s products and solutions.”

He will report to Daniel DeMeo, the CEO of CAN, who said he expects that Moloney will help CAN continue to grow and become more profitable.

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Social media has become such a large part of businesses’ operation in all markets that it is not surprising that DeMeo would want to hire a social media expert to fulfill his company’s overall marketing goals. No business or consumer can look anywhere without seeing a social media presence for the brands they use and rely on.

Moloney will come to CAN directly from his position at Gremln where he served as CEO of the company and made it a point during his tenure to focus on social media and digital marketing. He succeeded in that position where Gremln served more than 100 enterprise clients with their individual marketing needs.

Now he will have the opportunity to channel that success and knowledge into actions for only one company: CAN. Moloney’s knowledge of the responsibilities of this position will also be aided by his four years as chief marketing officer at Wells Fargo and similar roles at Experian and Scottrade.

It is clear that Moloney will enter this position at CAN with a lot expected of him. The importance of his role cannot be understated, yet he should also be ready to accept anything that comes his way. His 20 years of leading various companies through their marketing needs will be enough to prepare him for this role and, if DeMeo and associates have their way, return a profit in the coming years.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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