Marketing: What Happens After the Olympics?

August 19, 2016

The Olympic Games have certainly been an interesting and unique experience this summer – both for those athletes and spectators in Rio and those watching from our home screens. It certainly wasn’t short of news headlines, blunders and perfect marketing opportunities.

This Sunday will be the culmination of the Rio Olympics and everyone will head home and back to their regularly scheduled programming. But for those athletes that made their mark – whether they won a medal or the hearts of viewers – they could face potential lucrative marketing contracts if they play their cards right.

Tons and tons of money was spent to advertise, promote and show the happenings in Rio and the brands and sponsors from the event. Surely

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those same companies and many others will be scouting out those well known names to now help with their brand promos too.

A recent article from the Chicago Tribune discusses some of the possibilities of popular athletes striking it rich in endorsement deals once they get home.

Names like Simone Biles are sure to soon become a popular face for winning over the hearts of many throughout the Rio Olympics. She represents a strong, grounded individual that any company can use to help promote their brand. 

Then there are other names like Michael Phelps who are already earning millions for winning the hearts of so many.

The key takeaway for marketers is to quickly jump at the opportunity to grab hold of these important names after Sunday because before we know it our screens and advertisements will be pushing football and World Series ads to a nauseam. 

Edited by Alicia Young

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