Ve Interactive Purchases Optomaton, Gains Video DSP

September 07, 2016

Optomaton has created its Volvelle demand side platform to assist marketers with their buying of online advertisements. Specifically, Optomaton focuses on the purchase of video-based content and also tries to make the marketplace of online video fruitful and effective for its clients. Ve Interactive, an advertising and email prospecting company that has created the VeAds and VePanel software for those respective purposes, will now have access to Volvelle and all its capabilities.

Ve Interactive has purchased Optomaton for €5.13 million (about $5.76 million) in cash and company shares. This will give Ve Interactive bases in Copenhagen, Dusseldorf and Frankfurt – Optomaton’s three offices – and a dedicated staff that understands the intricacies of managing video advertisement buys. David Brown, the CEO of Ve Interactive, commented that this acquisition will extend his company’s reach into the world of programmatic advertisement purchasing.

“We always strive to continually innovate and evolve our proposition for the benefit of our clients,” Brown said. “The acquisition of Optomaton

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puts us at the forefront of programmatic video technology and with over 40 percent of programmatic buys expected to be in video by 2018, we are very excited to welcome the Optomaton team and their proprietary Volvelle video technology into our business.”

Advertising in the age of the Internet has caused marketers to shift their thinking about how they can best reach consumers. Ads on television, radio and on billboards that line the highways may reach a lot of users at once; they can be considered as outside the realm of targeted purchases even though marketers are aware that, for instance, television commercials at a specific time slot on a specific channel may reach a certain type of viewer.

Bidding for Internet-based ads, whether they are videos on YouTube or banner ads on Facebook, are much more targeted. Marketers know that only one of their ads will be shown to a single consumer on a single device during a single website page load. In order to determine which consumer they want to reach, marketers use predictive analytics that first look at a consumer’s past browsing history before bidding, in real time, on an ad. Then, if the marketer wins the bid, which takes place through platforms such as Volvelle, the ad will be shown to that consumer during a page load.

Josh Mortenson, the director of Optomaton, commented that Ve Interactive’s use of data points works better than anything else he has seen. He was happy to begin a partnership with his new parent company because he is aware of the need for efficient data use when it comes to purchasing online ads. Together, they should boost each other’s capabilities to address the needs of their clients, the marketers of the world, and better choose ads that will address customers that are willing to buy brands’ products.

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