DeepMarkit Announces Patent Application for FetchBot Marketing

September 09, 2016

The DeepMarkit software development company has created the FetchBot marketing service to help businesses create Web-based games for their promotions. It allows companies to sort through a number of pre-fabricated games, brand those games however they like, and gain a dedicated website to serve their games to all potential players.

Now DeepMarkit has announced its filing of a provisional patent application for the core capabilities of the FetchBot service. Darold Parken, the president and CEO of DeepMarkit, commented that this application marks an important step in the life of his company.

“Establishing a strong IP portfolio is a high priority for DeepMarkit, given the size and diversity of our target markets,” Parken said. “Our first provisional patent application is an important milestone that we expect will pave the way for additional intellectual property applications both domestically and abroad, all of which are intended to provide further competitive advantages for our unique FetchBot product as we continue to develop new features and enhancements.”

Parken’s dedication to his company’s intellectual property is yet another display of corporate use of the patent system. Not all software is patentable or has patentable elements, but there is room for exploration if companies can provide something novel to their markets. Although DeepMarkit does not discuss the details of what elements of FetchBot it hopes to patent, it will certainly try to demonstrate that its inventions have expanded the genres of marketing and game development. The company has worked with Border Ladner Gervais as its intellectual property counsel to make sure that the application is as sound as necessary to ensure success.

TMC has written about the patent application process in previous articles. One significant piece speaks about the necessity for companies to keep detailed logs of their development process. This sort of preparation could be important in future dealings where patent holders or applicants need to display their rationale and execution when creating the new product or service. TMC also writes that it can be helpful for patent applicants to secure help from counsel such as attorneys who know the whole of the patent system. This is the type of role that Border Ladner Gervais can play.

It appears that DeepMarkit has a strong belief in its application. This patent could be the cornerstone, Parken indicated, of future endeavors for his company and the development of its FetchBot service. The will look for success here not just for the present but for future years of business undertakings.

Edited by Alicia Young

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