A New Look at Fashion and Digital

September 16, 2016

Everything’s gone digital these days -our work, communications, even our family photo albums. One market that’s undergoing a digital transformation as we speak is Fashion.  New York Fashion Week 2016 just concluded and it made for the perfect time to bring up a conversation about the future of fashion and digital content.

Who better to present this topic than well known style and tech TV correspondent Katlean de Monchy. Together with neXtpert and the styleX

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series, they were able to create a discussion around how technology and digital are changing the future of fashion, beauty and wellness.

And it’s not just consumers who care. Several hundred celebrities, well known designers, philanthropists and even musicians attended to see what’s in-store.

Topics covered included things like 3D-printing for fashion and new technology for skin tightening.

Francis Bitonti, Designer, Founder Francis Bitonti Studios said, “styleX is committed to strengthening the long term vision for fashion by opening the eyes of business owners to the new computational design techniques that will offer a new paradigm for design.  Studio Bitonti operates as a team design futurists and computational designers creating and producing new products and ideas for the augmented age.”

As this shift in digital takes over, there is a need to fill jobs quickly, a joint study by the Fashion Retail Academy (FRA) and consultants OC&C found. In fact, this sector is going to have to hire up to 60,000 new staff over the next five years if they want to keep pace with the digital revolution.

The problem however is a shortage in skilled laborers that have what’s needed to survive in the fashion industry. The hope that the Fashion Retail Academy has is to drive more students to focus on education in these areas, so that workers interested in fashion are available soon.  

Edited by Alicia Young

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