Nimble CRM Reaches Version 4.0

September 22, 2016

Several years ago, TMC wrote a piece about social sales and marketing software developer Nimble. The piece argued that Nimble could make social customer relationship management (CRM) mainstream by bringing together customer engagement, sales, and marketing into a single platform that everyone in the office could enjoy.

Nimble is still heading down that path: This week, it announced the release of Nimble 4.0. The new CRM software comes with a host of new features. It caters to salespersons by linking with third-party suites such as Office 365 and Google Apps and improves its contact sorting and search features. It also boosts its tracking and analytics so marketers and keep an eye on their hottest contacts with email-based notifications.

Jon Ferrara, Nimble CEO, showed his excitement for the new release in his company’s product announcement.

“Your team will love using it to help grow your business!” he exclaimed.

But he also conceded, “The biggest cause of CRM failure is lack of use because salespeople hate working for the CRM.”

This is why Ferrara’s company has focused so much on the catering to all parts of the business population. Marketers and support agents may have found pleasure in using traditional CRM software, but sales professionals may also have been left out of the picture. Sales departments must keep in close contact with their leads, or they could lose any previous effort put into reaching those prospective buyers.

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This is why sales must monitor its social media feeds, email, and phone to check for any correspondence or activity from their leads. Nimble allows its CRM software to take note of a salesperson’s contacts on social media, email, and calendar to create a complete and accessible list for future use. It can then be used to track text messages sent from the Nimble interface, but it does not require a consistent monitoring of the Nimble application. Instead, salespersons can receive email notifications when a contact opens or replies to a Nimble-originated message.

All of these syncing and notification features allow sales departments to remain in the software location of their choosing. Whether they like email or Nimble best, they are not forced to spend time outside their chosen space. Likewise, marketers and support agents can take heart that their best interest are also represented. They have access to all the features shown above and can still, for instance, use the CRM’s analytics to create personalized marketing messages and carry Nimble’s information from the desktop to mobile with ease.

The latest Nimble tries to work for the business rather than force it into a corner. Regardless of the market, digital communication sits in myriad arenas such as social media, mobile messaging, and email. Nimble respects that division and knows that it can make marketing, sales, and support more powerful by allowing those departments’ individuals to work as the please while giving them the tools necessary to reach their target audiences.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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