Mothernode CRM Gains Email Marketing Capabilities

September 23, 2016

Mothernode, a developer of customer relationship management (CRM) software, announced this week that it will now include email marketing capabilities into its service plans.

Mothernode stated in its announcement that there are two types of CRM software on the market. A company spokesperson dropped a few names and said, “Those who focus on customer management and sales automation, like Salesforce and Base, and those that focus on marketing automation, like Infusionsoft.” It is in the previous category that Mothernode says it has already risen. It already has the capability to assist business with their sales and the sorting of customer information. Where it has always lacked, however, is in the actions of marketing.

This is the impetus for the addition of marketing tools for the Mothernode CRM. Until this release, the company software has always integrated its own features with those of marketing services such as Constant Contact, Hubspot, Infusionsoft, and MailChimp. Those integrations will continue, but now enterprises will not have to reach to third parties to complete all their marketing activities such as creating email campaigns and automating the sending of information about sales and new products.

Automation in this venture is key. Email marketing services become valuable when they can make clients’ lives easier. Therefore, Mothernode’s automated sending and response capabilities will allow marketers to first create their campaigns and then set the specific dates on which they want to send them. From there, marketers can also set responses to consumers’ actions so, for instance, when an email recipient clicks a link in one email, he or she could receive a follow-up message about related promotions.

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The automation here takes much of the email lifecyle out of the hands of marketers. The software knows when to take specific actions and how to respond to consumers based on their preferences. Consumers will not know if they receive a manually- or automatically-generated campaign; they only care about the quality of content, which marketers can now focus on more heavily because they will spend less time crafting responses to user actions. Templates within the Mothernode software will also add to the time savings and can assist both newcomers and professionals in charge of creating campaigns.

Mothernode is a relatively new company in the CRM market. Starting only back in 2009, it has made its way through customer management and sales. Now it has the opportunity to extend itself even further in the market by capturing the attention of marketers. The company has indicated that it seeks to be affordable and scalable for any size company that needs to keep all its customer relations under one virtual roof.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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