Symphony EYC Adopts 1010data for Retail Analytics

September 29, 2016

Symphony EYC develops its retail management software to help retailers and, in particular, grocery stores help their brick-and-mortar and online outlets best serve customers.

Symphony announced this week that it has partnered with 1010data, a company that specializes in the processing of big data and the generation of meaningful reports – a move that is expected to benefit supermarkets and consumer package goods (CPG) stores with their sales of groceries, clothing, and household products that consumers purchase often. Patrick Rohrbasser, the CEO of the insight wing of Symphony’s operation, commented on this pairing and noted that 1010data has the power to show supermarket managers what they can do with customer data to personalize shopping experiences.

“We chose 1010data as a strategic partner because their platform is ideal to power and unite all available data from inside and outside of retailers to feed into our suite of retail applications,” Rohrbasser said. “When 1010data’s platform is combined with Symphony EYC’s industry expertise, we are able to accelerate supermarket capabilities through smart and simple-to-use [customer relationship management], category management, and vendor management tools.”

All in all, those tools are expected to make it easier for brands to determine what their shoppers want. Knowing that information will lead to better brand relationships with vendors and a higher assortment of goods in stores.

Symphony mentioned that its category management suite, Amplify, and its Aspects tool will see integration with 1010data. Symphony also said that its development of a new cloud-based retail management suite will include 1010data as a driver of its capabilities. These software packages should land in various regions of the globe, including North America, Europe and the Middle East, and Asia Pacific, key areas that Symphony has targeted in years past. As businesses begin to realize the benefits of properly using large stores of customer data, this pairing of corporate minds should solidify and reach even further across the globe.

Edited by Alicia Young

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